Wish List Includes Full-Time Agent

            At the end of the June 14 meeting of the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission, member John Jacobsen brought up the matter of the soon-to-be-vacated position of conservation agent. Liz Leidhold, who has been the part-time agent a number of years, tendered her resignation months ago. Her last day of employment is scheduled for July 20.

            Jacobsen said in essence that, given the amount of work the commission handles, having one part-time person handling both technical in-field matters as well as the associated paperwork is not tenable. “I’m concerned about hiring another part-time agent who will again be overwhelmed,” he said.

            Chairman Mike King said that in the history of the commission there had been other times when an agent was not employed but that commission members at that time had the necessary experience and competency to keep permits moving forward.

            Commissioner David Lawrence has stepped up to assist Leidhold in the field but has not been willing to involve himself in clerical matters, as he had previously stated. “It isn’t happening,” said Lawrence of clerical involvement, but he did confirm his willingness to continue in a support role in the field.

            After further discussion, the members agreed that the commission needs at least a full-time agent, one who can also handle the associated clerical duties as well as field work. They were also united in having Jacobsen draft a letter to Town Administrator Mike Lorenco expressing their concerns and desire for a full-time agent.

            In other matters handled by the commission on this night, Eric Las of Beals and Thomas, Inc., representing Randall Lane Solar, LLC in a Notice of Intent filing for a proposed solar installation at 29 Randall Lane, came before the commission.

            The commissioners were unanimous in their request that a complete boundary survey must be completed before they will consider issuing an order of conditions. The solar array project has been wending its way through the permitting process, but a sticking point has been the client’s objection to funding the requested survey. The project has also not completed review with the Planning Board, it was noted. The Zoning Board of Appeals had sent the applicant back to the Planning Board and the Conservation Commission before granting a hearing for a Special Permit and Variance. The project was continued until June 28.

            An NOI filed by Raymond Clapp for an undeveloped camp site on Mattapoisett Neck Road received conditioning for seasonal removal of invasive vegetation so that the property can be used as a beach camp site.

            Another NOI, this one filed by Stephen Random for the construction of a single-family home within a 100-foot buffer zone, 0 Randall Road, was continued until June 28 pending comments from the National Heritage & Endangered Species Program. The project is represented by Bob Rogers of G.A.F. Engineering.

            Also continued were NOIs filed by Jennifer Capobianco, 0 Angelica Avenue, for the construction of a single-family home meeting FEMA regulations, and 16 Water Street, owned by Donna Downey Trust, for the removal of an existing boat ramp and seawall repairs.

            Receiving approvals for Determination of Applicability were Luna III, 2 Beach Street, for walkway repairs and improvements, and 7 Acorn Lane, owned by Michael Florio, for emergency septic system repairs and upgrades.

            All other public hearings on the agenda were continued until June 28 without being opened due to public meeting advertising requirements that had not been met.

            The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission is scheduled for Monday, June 28, at 6:30 pm and is planned to be held a hybrid meeting format with both in-person attendance and a remote-access connection being made available. A quorum of the commission is required to be present at the Town Hall meeting room.

Mattapoisett Conservation Commission

By Marilou Newell

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