Winter Woes Top ZBA’s Short Agenda

As they gathered on March 15 to hear what should have been two cases but turned out to be only one, the members of the Mattapoisett Zoning Board of Appeals shared storm stories and the need for warm sunshine. Yes, on the heels of what turned out to be a very difficult two weeks of high winds, rain, and snow, the ZBA members echoed sentiments most people were feeling – “Enough, Mother Nature…”

While one panel member boasted, “I’m going to the Dominican for seven days and put my toes in the sand,” another joked, “I’d like to be a dealer for generators…” They also expressed jealousy as they mentioned an absent member who was in Florida. “She said it’s seventy [degrees] down there,” one said with a yearning sigh.

The seated ZBA members on this night were Chairman Susan Akin, flanked by Norman Lyonnais, Colby Rottler, Kenneth Pacheco and acting clerk, Anthony Tranfaglia.

As the pre-meeting banter died down, it became apparent that the applicant for the first hearing of the evening was absent.

Andrew Perkins, regarding property located a 10 Union Avenue, had filed a request seeking a Special Permit for the construction of a cantilevered deck on a home in the Pine Island beach neighborhood.

ZBA secretary Robin Shufelt called the applicant who had apparently forgotten about the hearing and asked for a continuance, which was granted.

Coming before the ZBA a few minutes later were Jennifer and Daniel Schlitzer, 53 Water Street, seeking a Special Permit to construct a 12-foot by 22-foot porch addition to an existing single-family home built in 1955.

Robert Field of Field Engineering, representing the applicants, said the porch would not affect the rear yard setback that would remain 14.5 feet.

Also coming forward in support of the project were neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Edward Walsh of 4 Linhares Avenue. Mr. Walsh said, “I’ve lived in the area since 1950 and hope the board will accept their project.

The Special Permit was unanimously approved.

The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Zoning Board of Appeals is scheduled for April 19 at 6:00 pm in the town hall conference room.

Mattapoisett Zoning Board of Appeals

By Marilou Newell


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