Washburn Park Road Getting a Makeover

The Marion Conservation Commission met on Wednesday night. The Commission voted to approve an Request of Determination of Applicability to improve a dirt roadway at Washburn Park Road by adding a layer of road scrapings.

“Washburn Park is one of those little gems in town and we really want to take care of it,” said Jonathan Dickerson of the Marion Recreation Department, which applied for the RDA.

Next, the Commission heard from Bob Rogers of Tibbetts Engineering, regarding an RDA to construct some additions to the property on 90 Moorings Road.

“Within the garden property on an existing foundation, they’d like to put a shed. And over by the guest house they would like a small, paved basketball court,” Rogers said.

The court would be far smaller than a regulation court, with the furthest distance from the basket equivalent to that of a three-point line.  The Commission voted in favor of the RDA, with the condition that the shed be anchored because it lies in a velocity zone.

The Commission also heard from Alan Harris, on behalf of the Sippican Land Trust, regarding an RDA to maintain the stonewall, remove knotweed, and plant native species on Front Street at Holmes Brook.  The plan is to remove the majority of the plants with a weed whacker and then dig out the root systems of the invasive species.

“I can tell you from experience it’s not going to be easy to get those roots out,” warned Norman Hills, the Commission’s Clerk.

The wall maintenance would be minimal, as it was redone only a few years ago.  “But sometimes stones fall off and need to be replaced,” said Harris.  They voted to approve the RDA.

The next meeting of the Marion Conservation Commission will be on Wednesday, July 11, at 7:00 pm at the Marion Town House.

By Eric Tripoli

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