Turtle Garden Approved for Maintenance

The Marion Conservation Commission approved some invasive species control at the turtle garden located at The Cove off Jenney Lane.

It has been two years since the turtle nesting habitat restoration project was established, with residents of Jenney Lane acting as caregivers of the ‘turtle garden’ where diamondback terrapins have been returning for centuries to lay their eggs.

Construction of The Cove some years ago interfered with the turtles’ nesting ritual, so an area on the beach was restored exclusively for a turtle nesting habitat. Residents of The Cove have been adding protective barriers around the nests to protect the eggs from predators, and even removing eggs for incubation when deemed necessary.

Since 2015, invasive species such as Japanese knotweed and phragmites have been encroaching on the turtle garden, and on August 23 Jenney Lane resident Debra Ewing presented the plan to the commission for the eradication of invasives beginning in October.

Ewing described the progress at the turtle garden: “It’s very successful. We’ve seen increases in nests over the years, and we are very happy to do this.”

The commission gave the project a Negative Determination.

Also during the meeting, Conservation Commission member Lawrence Dorman announced he would be resigning from the commission, as his house has sold and he will be moving out of Marion.

“It’s been an honor to serve with you, Larry,” said Chairman Cynthia Callow. “If you look up the word ‘gentleman’ in the dictionary, your picture is there.”

Dorman served on the Conservation Commission for 11 and a half years.

In other matters, the commission granted a Negative Determination to Harry and Alice Curtis of 28 Holmes Street to raze and rebuild a single-family home, with a portion of the property located within the flood zone.

The next meeting of the Marion Conservation Commission is scheduled for September 13 at 7:00 pm at the Marion Town House.

Marion Conservation Commission

By Jean Perry


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