Transfer Station Raises Fees

            During the February 14 meeting of the Mattapoisett Board of Health, a public hearing was held to determine whether or not rates for services offered at the Transfer Station (an enterprise fund) should be raised.

            Mattapoisett Health Agent Gail Joseph has striven since the beginning of her tenure to try and find ways to reduce the department’s costs while providing vital services. No small task, given the rising costs associated with trash and recyclable processes.

            On this afternoon, Joseph explained that nearly everything brought into the Transfer Station has a cost associated to the town, costs that continue to rise while Transfer Station fees have remained static. No one from the public was in attendance to debate or query the changes.

            Vehicle registrations must still be valid and current to purchase an annual sticker for $35; a one-day pass valid only for the date issued is $10, and senior residents over 65 years of age can receive a free sticker.

            For building materials, furniture, construction debris, and bulky items, disposal fees are: cars and vans $20 and up; regular pick-up trucks $50 and up; full-size pick-ups and trailers $50 and up; small pick-ups and trailers $40; and carpets $30 and up. Larger vehicles will not be permitted without prior approval. The fee for disposing of roof shingles is now $50 per square.

            Appliances with Freon cost $20. Each television will cost $20, while computers will cost $50 each.

            Mattresses and box springs are listed as $40 each for a twin, $50 each for a full, and $60 each for a king or queen. Non-recyclable mattresses will cost $125 each. Sleep sofas or sectionals are $40 per piece. Recliner chairs and kitchen tables cost $20 each, while sofas, loveseats and coffee tables are $30 each.

            Large propane tanks are $20, small camper-style tanks are $2. Logs over 6 inches and stumps range from $30 for pick-up trucks or single-axle trailers up to 1 ton dump trucks at $100 and six-wheel dump trucks $150. Brush delivered via cars, small trailers and small pick-up trucks cost $5, large pick-up trucks $10.

            No Sheetrock, fluids, stones, tires, concrete, brick or cement will be accepted.

            General rules have remained largely unchanged.

            Earlier in the meeting, the board met with members of E.L. Harvey to discuss new contracts. The Harvey team said that most contracts are now for a three-year term. Joseph said the town was attempting to synch up the disposal contract with the recycle-contract cycle, thus a three-year contract would not work now.

            The Harvey representatives said they would discuss the matter with corporate decision makers and return with an answer in the next few weeks.

            The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Board of Health is scheduled for Wednesday, March 20, at 10 am.

Mattapoisett Board of Health

By Marilou Newell

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