Town Officials Reappointed

A brief meeting was held by the Marion Board of Selectmen on Thursday to reappoint staff from various town departments.

Those whose contract was renewed for one year included the members of the Building Department: Scott Shippey, Building Commissioner/Inspector of Buildings/Zoning Enforcement Officer; Robert Francis, Alternate Building Inspector; Randy Caswell, Inspector of Wires; Mark Farrell, Alternate Inspector of Wires; Paul Maloney, Plumbing & Gas Inspector; and Steven Gibbs, Alternate Plumbing & Gas Inspector.

Police Chief Lincoln Miller was reappointed for a three-year period.

Others reappointed included Michael Cormier, Harbormaster; Isaac Perry, Deputy Harbormaster/Shellfish Officer; and ten assistants to the Harbormaster/Shellfish Officer, including Scott Cowell, Michael Paolella, John Potito, Christopher Washburn, Peter Borsari, Vincent Malkoski, Chester Smith, Carl Dias, Paul Hyde, and Adam Murphy.

William Titcomb, Veterans’ Agent/Grave Officer, was also reappointed.

By Joan Hartnett-Barry

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