Town Delays Recycle Bin Checks, For Now

The Town of Rochester is seeking a $20,000 recycling grant from the state, and as the town administrator continues to follow through with the grant application paper work process, Suzanne Szyndlar told the Rochester Board of Selectmen meeting on May 20 that part of that process will have to be delayed until spring of 2020.

            A 16-week period of “compliancy testing” is a requirement of the grant, a task Szyndlar described last month. The Town will employ a number of “inspectors” to travel to various neighborhoods to check inside curbside recycling bins for recycling violations such as dirty containers and unaccepted materials. Back in April, Szyndlar had reported that the state required eight weeks of compliancy testing, but now knowing the task must go on over a period of about four months, she is rethinking the timing of starting the program.

            It won’t be long, she said, until the days grow colder and shorter, and Szyndlar said she’s uncomfortable with the prospect of inspectors checking bins by the street in the dark.

            The recycling grant will provide the town with funding for educational materials directed at better informing residents on what materials to put in the trash and what belongs in the recycling bin.

            Also during the meeting, the board and the Rochester School Committee appointed former RMS teacher Danni Kleimann to the vacant seat on the Rochester School Committee until the next annual Election.

            The board appointed Benjamin Coucci as reserve police officer, and also declared a 1969 Chevrolet fire truck to be surplus property. The board received a letter of resignation from Walter Shaw from the Historic District Commission.

            The Town is seeking one member to fill the vacant seat on the Agricultural Commission reserved for a member of the community who works in farming and agriculture.

            In anticipation of Town Meeting passing Article 19, the selectmen designated July 10 as the date for the Special Election for the ballot question that would allow the Old Rochester Regional School District to borrow $2 million to fund the artificial turf, track, and auditorium lighting and audio system.

            The election had to be scheduled a minimum of 35 days from the night of the Town Meeting vote, and July 10 seemed to be the logical choice, given that the prior Tuesday would be July 3 right before the holiday. 

            The ballot question to change the town clerk’s position from elected to appointed will appear on the Special Election ballot.

            The next regular meeting of the Rochester Board of Selectmen is scheduled for June 3 at 6:00 pm at the Rochester Town Hall.

Rochester Board of Selectmen

By Jean Perry

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