Stone Wall to be Preserved on Crystal Spring Road

            Ryan Correia has made a few appearances before the Mattapoisett Planning Board, but with each review of his proposed Crystal Springs Road subdivision, his project has moved a bit closer to reality.

            On June 7, Correia once again met with the Planning Board to finalize plans for penetrating an existing stone wall and the removal of a black tupelo tree along the scenic byway. There was considerable discussion over exactly where the driveway entrances would be located for the lots and whether it was necessary to cut down a town-owned tree.

            Planning Board member Janice Robbins noted that the tree in question was, in fact, on town property, despite Tree Warden Roland Cote’s agreement that it could be removed so long as a new tree is planted in kind somewhere else along the roadway. Planning Board Administrator Mike Gagne said that the applicant would cover the costs associated with the tree.

            Correia confirmed that, although penetrations would have to be made in the existing stone wall, all stones would be repurposed on the property at the driveway entrances. It was also disclosed that the Fire Department had not been contacted regarding the size and turning radius needed to enter lots where new homes are planned along Old Crystal Springs Road.

            Some confusion over the repeated numbering sequence of two lots was also discussed with Robbins suggesting that be corrected for the sake of future owners.

            The hearing was continued until June 21, at which time Correia is expected to return with input from the Fire Department and updated plans.

            Also continued was a Form C Definitive Subdivision Plan for Park Lane Extension represented by Douglas Schneider, who said he could return to the board in July with results of a meeting planned with the Select Board regarding private parties’ acceptance of roadway modifications on a public road, surety details for the roadway, and a homeowners’ covenant agreement. The hearing was continued to July 19.

            Withdrawal without prejudice for an application filed over a year ago for property located on Selha Way was approved. The subdivision modifications were sidelined due to title issues, the board was advised.

            Property owned by 9 North Street Reality Trust for a Form A ANR that would give 6 feet of the parcel to 7 North Street and 6 feet to 11 North Street was approved. Lands divided were identified as non-buildable.

            Also approved was an amended Form A filed by Delia and Steven Caton, 89 Brandt Island Road.

            The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Planning Board is scheduled for Monday, June 21, at 7:00 pm.

Mattapoisett Planning Board

By Marilou Newell

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