Starboard Way Development Goes Forward

            Abutters of two undeveloped lots along Starboard Way, located off Mattapoisett Neck Road in the Molly’s Cove neighborhood, voiced their concerns over potentially increased drainage problems based on a development plan presented during the August 19 meeting of the Mattapoisett Zoning Board of Appeals.

            Coming before the ZBA for special permits to build out both lots was 0 Starboard Way, LLC, Lisa Clark of Hollywood, SC, represented by Bill Madden of G.A.F. Engineering, and attorney Jamy Madeja of Buchanan and Associates.

            Madden explained that a Special Permit is needed to use 1970s pre-existing setbacks, adding that the homes proposed would be built to FEMA standards for construction in a flood zone. He also explained that roof runoff would be channeled into an underground drainage recharge system to help manage stormwaters on the property. He stated that due to the FEMA requirement, the homes would be elevated on stilts but that given all new construction would be required to do the same, “[the plan] is in keeping with the neighborhood.” Madden also noted that the Conservation Commission had vetted the drainage system and that the lots had been issued orders of conditions from that governing body.

            Neighbor Tim Plant saw things differently. Plant said that historic flooding on the lots in question should be taken into consideration and that comments made by the chairman of the Conservation Commission suggesting that abutters hire an engineer to help maintain stormwaters on their properties were not appreciated.

            Another resident of the coastal neighborhood, Ellen Fitzpatrick, voiced her objection to two homes being proposed for the two lots, suggesting one home spread over the two lots would be preferrable to the abutters and others.

            Speaking on behalf of her client, Madeja said that bylaws demonstrate the two lots are buildable, that the property owners have been paying taxes based on two buildable lots, and that two sewer stubs, an investment of over $20,000 each, had been paid by her client. Madeja also said that lot coverage is within the bylaw guidelines.

            The board members were unanimous in their motion to approve the Special Permit for both lots, saying the property owner has the right to build on them.

            Special permits were also granted to Howley Living Trust for property located at 1 Waterman Street to demolish an existing structure and build a new single-family home that is FEMA compliant. A Special Permit was issued to Drew Nahigyan, 8 Randall Road, also for removing an existing structure and building a new single-family home.

            A home that was damaged by fire located at 18 Ned’s Point Road and owned by Michael Esposito and Cynthia Redel received a Special Permit to renovate and add onto an existing garage.

            Rounding out the special permits granted on this night was the request by Kathleen and William Sylvia, 41 Cove Street, to build a FEMA compliant home. 

            The next meeting of the Mattapoisett ZBA is scheduled for Thursday, September 16, at 6:00 pm.

Mattapoisett Zoning Board of Appeals

By Marilou Newell

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