SRPEDD to Help Assess Town’s Needs

The Marion Affordable Housing Trust voted to support two financial requests during its September 15 meeting at the Music Hall.

            In the first request, the Trust asked the Community Preservation Committee for $45,000 in 2015 and needed to do so again in 2020 to fund a feasibility study approved at Town Meeting and meant to identify possibilities and fund further investigation into affordable housing, assisted living, and elderly housing.

            Chairperson Casey L. Cole-Vieira and coordinator Terri Santos had met with Town Administrator Jay McGrail on the matter. Santos said Marion is consulting with Barrett Planning Group LLC in Plymouth. Barrett has worked with local builder Ken Steen.

            At the cost of $8,000, the second is a request being made to the Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District (SRPEDD) to assist the town in updating its Housing Production Plan. SRPEDD will compile and analyze data in order to inform the Housing Production Plan of its Housing Needs Assessment.

            The meeting started with a reorganization of the committee. Casey L. Cole-Vieira remains chairperson, and member Ethan Gerber was voted to become the new vice-chairman. Gerber will also represent the Trust on the Community Preservation Committee. According to Norm Hills, CPC meetings are expected to start after the new year.

            The Trust may soon gain a sixth voting member, as Minhtram Tran has submitted an application that Cole-Vieira supported and will soon go to the vote of the Marion Board of Selectmen. Seven members is the maximum allowed to serve on the Trust. Hills is an ex-officio member and therefore does not count against that number.

            The next meeting of the Marion Affordable Housing Trust is scheduled for Tuesday, October 13, at the Music Hall.

Marion Affordable Housing Trust

By Mick Colageo

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