SRPEDD Helps Mobilize Master Plan Review

            Delayed by and discussed in light of COVID-19, Mattapoisett’s Master Plan will take shape as the Master Plan Committee begins digging into the massive task of developing a draft, a new set of priorities and realities for the Planning Board’s review.

            On January 13, the large volunteer group heard from Southeast Regional Planning and Economic Development District (SRPEDD) moderator Liz Gonzales, who explained the next steps. Gonzales asked the group to log onto development pages that include maps of various sorts to add their comments and point out features to be studied. She also told the committee it should build on the earlier Master Plan document.

            Gonzales said that SRPEDD was developing three videos that will be used for workshops and added that a Zoom meeting would provide online activities and questionnaire surveys that will “help to inform and build out what Mattapoisett could look like in the future.”

            Planning Board Chairman Tom Tucker explained that the group would be looking at eight chapters while reminding the members, “We are not writing a Master Plan; we are collecting the data.” He cautioned the volunteers that not more than two members could discuss or make decisions due to the Open Meeting Law.

            The group then selected which chapters they were most interested in. The Land Use subcommittee members are: Shirley Haley, David Horowitz, Janice Robins, Paul Criscuolo, Tom Tucker, and Colby Rotler; Housing: Kate Haley, Shirley Haley, Janice Robbins, Crystal Walsh, Tom Tucker, and Cecile Sanders; Economic Development: Mike Rosa, Aaron Smith, Kate Connelly, Mary Dermody, Donna Shea, Paul Criscuolo, and David Horowitz; Open Space and Recreation: Kate Connelly, Carlos DeSousa, Robin Lepore, Yasmin Flefleh-Vincent, Donna Shea, and Aaron Connelly; Natural and Cultural Resources: Nathan Ketchel, Yasmin Flefleh-Vincent, Donna Shea, Carol Clifford, and Mary Dermody; Services and Facilities – Kate Haley, Nathan Ketchel, Carol Clifford, Robert Burgmann, Carlos DeSousa, Paul Criscuolo, Crystal Walsh, Colby Rotler, and Yesmin Flefleh; Transportation and Circulation: Nathan Ketchel, Robert Burgmann, Mary Dermody, Robin Lepore, and Carol Clifford; and Climate Resiliency: Robin Lepore, Kate Haley, Nathan Ketchel, Janice Robbins, Carol Clifford, David Horowitz, and Carlos DeSousa.

            Tucker asked each group to begin researching its respective chapter and associated data needed to fully understand the impact on the community that each represents. He again spoke to the matter of the public meeting laws. It was decided that each subcommittee would have a leader through which information and discussion could take place.

            The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Master Plan Committee is scheduled for February 3 at 7:00 pm.

Mattapoisett Master Plan Committee

By Marilou Newell

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