Special Edition of The Wanderer

On January 2 we will be publishing a special on-line only edition of The Wanderer. You will be able to access the January 2 edition many different ways. Through our website, we offer complete downloads of each week’s edition in Portable Document Format (PDF) as well as an interactive Flash version. You can also download The Wanderer app on your iPad or iPhone and subscribe to get each week’s copy automatically downloaded for you. The January 2 edition is the perfect opportunity to explore our on-line offerings, as this edition will not be available in print.

While you’re on-line, be sure to check out The Wanderer’s Facebook page as well as WandererToday.com. At Wanderer Today, you get a daily update of the latest headlines, weather, meetings, events, tides, and sports schedules all in one quick look to keep you up to the moment. You can even subscribe to Wanderer Today to get a daily email update of the latest news.

Remember, our office will be closed from December 30 to January 3, but you won’t be without your copy of The Wanderer. We hope everyone has a spectacular holiday and a happy New Year!

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