Solar Array Bylaw In the Works

The Marion Energy Management Committee met on Monday, June 25, at Music Hall to discuss the progress related to the drafting of the proper bylaws for the proposed solar panel array, to be located at the town landfill.  The Energy Management Committee has been working with the Planning Board to create the new bylaws.

“I’ve been working on the by-law proposal that was suggested at the town meeting that would give the selectmen an OK on a long-term agreement for a solar farm at the landfill,” said Bill Saltonstall of the Energy Management Committee.

He delivered the draft to Town Administrator Paul Dawson, who approved it to be sent to the Planning Board.  He said he was also working on a second by-law proposal in an effort to address questions regarding solar projects in town.

“We felt we needed to protect the welfare and the safety of the neighbors near where these things may go in,” Saltonstall said.  “The landfill bylaw is designed to meet the first criterion for zoning.  It only zones the landfill property.”

The proposed solar panel array could service up to 100 homes.  The Energy Committee is also exploring options for creating a way for Marion residents to buy into the array in order to receive their electricity from the solar farm.

The next meeting of the Marion Energy Management Committee will held on Monday, July 23, 2012 at 7:00 pm at Marion Music Hall.

By Eric Tripoli

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