Sippican School Water Passes Testing

Director of Facilities Gene Jones told the Marion School Committee on December 21 that water testing conducted by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection produced good water quality results.

The tests measured lead and copper levels from drinking fountains and water faucets used for food preparation, and Jones said he was happy to announce that Sippican School “passed with flying colors.”

Samples were taken from 89 sites in the school, and each came back well below the alert levels from the state, Jones stated.

The testing was fully DEP-driven, Jones added, and Sippican School was one of many in the state accepted for fully funded testing.

“Sippican’s water was perfect for drinking,” said Jones, “there was nothing reportable.”

Water samples will be analyzed annually for two years and, once results display good quality water for two years in a row, the state will only require water sampling every three years.

“I’m very pleased,” Jones said.

In other matters, a classroom damaged by a mechanical malfunction in the school’s univent heating and cooling system has been restored after extensive water damage resulted from the incident earlier this month.

Marion Police noticed steam exiting the building and an inspection of the site showed a pipe that carries hot water had burst, and humidity had entered the Project Grow classroom, causing the water damage.

Jones said ceiling tiles, insulation, and a univent core were replaced; however, items within the classroom had also been damaged and needed to be replaced.

Ginger Larson, a parent of a Project Grow student, asked the School Committee to accept a donation from a group of Project Grow parents to replace certain items, such as books, posters, and a magnetic calendar.

The total cost of the items could range from $350 to $450.

School Committee member Kate Houdelette thanked the parents for their contributions.

“It doesn’t take much, and these parents always come into action,” Houdelette said. “It’s definitely appreciated and noticed…”

The next meeting of the Marion School Committee is scheduled for February 1 at 6:30 pm at the Marion Town House.

By Jean Perry


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