Second Hearing for Mattapoisett Zoning Bylaws

The Mattapoisett Planning Board held a special public hearing on the evening of Monday, April 30 to address questions about the new zoning bylaws for the floodplain district. The meeting marked the second and final hearing to be held on the matter before it is addressed at the Mattapoisett Annual Town Meeting on Monday, May 14.

Town Administrator Michael Gagne stressed the importance of residents educating themselves on the new bylaws and voting to approve them at the meeting. As it stands, there are currently 750 residents in Mattapoisett with Flood Insurance, approximately $45,000,000 worth of coverage. If the town does not adopt the new maps, residents with Flood Insurance will not be eligible for coverage.

“With a community as flood prone as this, it’s a very concerning factor,” Gagne said.

In other news, the Planning Board voted to grant Highway Surveyor Barry Denham permission to remove a tree that is located in front of the residence at 7 North St.

According to Denham, the tree, which is approximately 30 feet in height and 16 inches in diameter, is not very attractive or in good health. With the impending construction project set to begin soon in that area, he has been encouraged by the tree warden to get the tree removed prior to construction.

Lastly, Gagne proposed making the subdivision located at Brookside Drive a town street. Gagne said the subdivision was constructed in 1972, however the owner of the development died before it was 100 percent completed, therefore it was never adopted as a town street.

Denham said he went to survey the area and it was in good condition and has recently been repaved. He also said the street has been treated like a town street. The Planning Board must vote to approve the status of the street; the date of that meeting is still to be determined.

The Planning Board will meet again on Monday, May 7 in Mattapoisett Town Hall at 7:00 pm.

By Katy Fitzpatrick

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