Scenic Roadway Proposal Needs Tweaks

            Ryan Correia, a developer who has come before the Mattapoisett Planning Board over the course of many months, once again met with the board to discuss matters related to driveways and scenic roadway bylaws. The June 21 meeting resulted in more questions on the part of the board members coupled with a to-do list for Correia.

            At issue has been a new driveway opening in an existing stone wall, a landscape feature that enjoys some protections if located on scenic roadways. Correia and the board had previously discussed new penetrations into the stone wall for driveway entrances of a planned four-lot subdivision. At issue on Monday night was whether or not the private driveways would actually be terminating on a short stretch of the original road layout, which for years has been little more than a look-out spot of police surveillance of motorists.

            For more than 45 minutes, the board discussed roadway ownership rights and responsibilities and whether a tree on public lands could or should be removed to make way for one of the proposed driveways. Interim Planning Board Administrator Mike Gagne asked Correia if it is possible to position driveways for the Lots 1 and 2 closer together, a redesign that might alleviate the need to remove the tree in question and other concerns, such as the intersection of Acushnet and Crystal Spring Roads.

            In the end, Correia was tasked with discussing design changes with his engineer and the potential buyer of Lot 1, confirm acceptable widths of driveways with the Fire Department, and determine if shrubs located on public property would need to be removed and, if so, determine if they are jurisdictional to a local board. The hearing was continued to July 19.

            All other matters taken up by the board were also continued until July 19, including the Randall Lane, LLC solar array site plan review, an ANR application for Dupont Drive and David Street for a lot swap agreement between Roland Bolida and Terrance Granahan, represented by John Romanelli of Zenith Land Surveying, and two requests for tree removal by Tree Warden Roland Cote for 16 North Street and 17 Prospect Road. Also continued was an ANR submitted by David Monteiro for lots located on Locust Street and Mattapoisett Neck Road.

            Attorney John Mathieu requested covenant releases for properties owned by Dennis Arsenault in Snowfield Estates, a request that was continued upon valuation of incomplete work for a new surety agreement.

            The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Planning Board is scheduled for Monday, July 19, at 7:00 pm.

Mattapoisett Planning Board

By Marilou Newell

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