Rochester Elects Ciaburri for Selectman

Results are in and Rochester voters elected Paul Ciaburri for Board of Selectmen this Wednesday, April 11, during the annual election.

Ciaburri, Rochester’s emergency preparedness director, beat Finance Committee and ZBA member David Arancio 340 to 296, and will fill the selectmen’s seat vacated by Naida Parker, now former selectman of 15 years.

Parker reveled that night in the fact that her name would never again appear on a Rochester ballot, having also decided this year to forego another run for town clerk next year after serving for 34 years.

Ciaburri and his wife Beverly were visibly pleased with the results. Ciaburri said the campaign was “a great race,” and lauded his opponent for the positive campaign he ran.

“It was a great race. David was a great candidate, he kept it civil,” Ciaburri said, “the way a campaign should be.”

For Planning Board, both incumbents kept their seats for another five years – Ben Bailey and John DeMaggio received 308 and 322 votes respectively. Their opponents, William Milka and David Shaw, received 283 and 271 votes respectively.

Reelected uncontested were: Kirby Gilmore, Town Moderator, 550 votes; Jana Cavanaugh, Board of Assessors, 548 votes; Dale Barrows, Board of Health, 544 votes; Michael Conway, Water Commission, 539 votes; two seats for Library Trustees — Jordan Pouliot (458) and Gloria Vincent (500); Cary Humphrey, ORR School Committee, 510 votes; Jeffrey Eldridge, Tree Warden, 556; Kenneth Ross, Park Commission, 531; two seats for Rochester School Committee – Tina Rood, 476 votes, and Robin Rounseville, 533 votes.

Ben Bailey was elected for for Cemetery Commission as a write-in candidate as there were no candidates listed on the ballot.

By Jean Perry


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