Rochester Election is Mainly Uncontested

The 2014 Rochester election will not be much of a contest, with only two of the 14 races contested, after the deadline to submit papers for nomination passed on February 19.

Incumbent Sandra Keese for Board of Health is running against William David Souza to maintain her three-year seat on the board. The only other contested race is the Rochester School Committee, with four candidates vying for the two available seats.

School Committee Chairman Michelle Cusolito is not running for reelection, while Incumbent Board member Timothy Sholz will be challenged by Meagan Bennett, Cheryl Hebert, and Jennifer Kulak.

While no one submitted papers for the two-year seat on the Planning Board, Lee Carr sent a letter to the Board of Selectmen on Friday, February 21 expressing his interest in sitting on the board, two days too late to appear on the ballot.

Instead, Carr will be running as a write-in candidate, hopeful that enough people will oblige.

During a candid interview before the February 24 Selectmen’s meeting, Carr said he has been in the building business his whole life as a contractor, and he would like to become involved so he can gain more knowledge of the goings-on in Town. He recalled a time when a write-in candidate once won with only three written-in votes.

“I have my family,” said Carr. “I can get more than three votes.”

When asked if he will campaign as a write-in candidate, he said that he would be.

“Yeah, I bought two signs,” said Carr. “One for in front of my house and one for in front of the barbershop.”

Running uncontested for reelection to the Board of Selectmen is Richard Nunes, who will sit for another three years on the board.

Town Clerk Naida Parker, also the Chairman of the Selectmen, is up for reelection for another three years as town clerk, with no one to run against her.

For Old Rochester Regional School Committee, Cary Humphrey and James O’ Brien are running uncontested, for the two-year and the three-year seats, respectively.

Tax Collector Beatrice Renauld is uncontested for another three years in office, and so is Herring Inspector William D. Watling, Jr., running unopposed for the position.

Walter Hartley is running unopposed for reelection for Cemetery Commission for three more years, and Frederick Underhill is running unchallenged for reelection to the Water Commission for another three-year term.

For Board of Assessors, John Mello is running uncontested for the three-year seat, and for another three years on the Library Board of Trustees are Incumbents Phoebe Butler and Rhonda Reints, unopposed for the two seats.

David Sylvia is running for reelection on the Park Commission for another three years, uncontested as well.

Election Day is April 9, 2014. The polls open at 7:00 am and close at 8:00 pm.

By Jean Perry


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