P&S Agreement Signed for HFH Property

The Marion Board of Selectmen signed the Purchase and Sales Agreement for property at 185 Wareham Street for the Habitat for Humanity house that will be built in the near future. The decision was made at the Board’s regular meeting on Tuesday, September 17 in the Marion Town House.

The Board signed the agreement with the stipulation that the plan will be revised slightly before it is completely finalized. The new plan will be issued to the Board when it is complete. The revisions will be minor and will not affect the structural plans for the property.

Additionally, the Board granted Habitat for Humanity temporary access to the property so that they may demolish the existing structure before the lot is cleared and the construction can begin. Had the Board not granted the temporary access, Habitat for Humanity would have had to apply for an easement at the Fall Town Meeting, ultimately delaying the start of the construction.

In other news, Department of Public Works Superintendent Robert Zora met with the Board to give an update on the department. Zora said that the DPW will be hiring two employees in the coming weeks: one labor position and one truck driver position.

The DPW will be assisting the town in the Sprague Cove herbicide spraying. However, before the area can be sprayed, it needs to me mowed. Zora suggested hiring a mower since the town does not own one that would cut the area sufficiently. The area only needs to be mowed three times each year.

“We will be looking at other options. We can’t justify it right now,” Zora said about purchasing a new mower.

Zora also advised the town that it is time to start looking into replacing one of the town’s water tanks. He said the process should be done every three years as opposed to every five years.  The town will send divers into the tank to inspect the damages and to see how long the current tank will last before it needs to be completely replaced.

The tank will cost approximately $4 million to replace. The existing tank will be torn down and the new one will be located in the same spot. Zora said the town has already allotted $130,000 for design and engineering on the project.

Town Administrator Paul Dawson gave an update on the repainting of the parking lot at the Marion General Store. Two companies submitted bids for the project and Dawson recommended using LBC Construction’s services. LBC will repaint the lot for $1,100 and also recommends seal coating and crack filling for an additional fee. John Ludes, partial owner of the lot, will attend the next meeting to discuss a final decision.

Dawson also updated the board on the Marion Natural History Museum ceiling repair situation. The town has met with the engineer; however, a final price tag on the project is still two to three weeks away. Meanwhile, the museum is trying to secure grant money to try and repair some of the elements inside of the museum that will not be covered by insurance.

“There is progress so that is a good thing,” said Dawson.

FEMA will hold a meeting on Tuesday, September 25 at 6:00 pm at Old Rochester Regional High School. A mistake on one of the flood maps will be discussed. The Board urges residents to attend the meeting to educate themselves on the new maps.

The Marion Board of Selectmen will meet again on Tuesday, September 25 at 7:00 pm in the Marion Town House.

By Katy Fitzpatrick

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