P-T Business Expands into Marion

Derek Saltzman is expanding his physical-therapy business to a third location after the Marion Planning Board granted him a Special Permit to occupy space in the former Lockheed Martin property.

            Presently, Fusion Physical Therapy has offices in New Bedford and in Mattapoisett, the latter location along Route 6 on the Marion side of North Street.

            “We service a number of Marion residents in our Mattapoisett location, so this would be a good fit,” said Saltzman, whose overview of his business yielded that the outpatient practice is open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm on the basis that patients typically visit two to three times a week.

            Fusion’s clientele includes Tabor Academy students, who typically do their PT appointments after school.

            Initially, Saltzman said, he would man the new branch alone but eventually work his wat up to two to three physical therapists and someone to occupy the office for administrative work.

            The new location, 13 Barnabas Road (Map 24, Lot 10B) is zoned Limited Industrial and is the first building when entering the complex.

            Steve Gioisa of SITEC, representing the property owner Sippican Holdings, LLC, at the same address but in a separate case, said Fusion will occupy a little over 1,800 square feet in the north wing, that space accessible from the rear of the property. He said it is “just a change in tenants in the space.”

            The office has common restrooms for businesses on either side of the wing, and Gioisa said there is more than enough parking on the overall site, including ADA-compliant parking. He said there will be no changes to lighting at the site.

            Board member Eileen Marum asked about the use of chemicals. “No chemicals of any kind,” said Saltzman, who indicated the therapists sometimes use a coconut oil-based massage cream.

            Board member Alanna Nelson suggested a small, tasteful sign along the road so visitors will know where to turn in. Group discussion ensued, and it was agreed that a second sign should be posted at the turn in the business park and one on the building.

            Select Board member Randy Parker, in attendance, offered that under the Sippican Office Park sign at Route 6 there had been signs for individual businesses underneath, but that portion of the sign has been removed since Lockheed Martin’s departure.

            Sippican Holdings, LLC’s continued public hearing for major site-plan review at the site, was continued at the applicant’s request to July 15 at 7:15 pm.

            Monday night’s public meeting of the Planning Board bunched together two other agenda items, the presubmission conference and subsequent public hearing for a new eating spot along Route 6.

            Tabor Academy students will be among those with the new option for early-morning sustenance after the board granted Konstantinos and Petro Jorjakis a Special Permit to turn the old barber shop at 428 Wareham Road into Tri Town Market.

            The property, zoned for General Business, will offer breakfast, smoothies, Greek Paninis, yogurt bowls and small sandwiches. The new owners told the board they have an agreement on parking with the bistro across the street.

            There will be no tables on the inside, just a counter with some stools. No more than a half-dozen customers will be in the store at any one time. The space measures less than 1,000 square feet.

            Town Planner Doug Guey-Lee suggested a Form 4B indicating no further review is required. “We’ve done this before on other projects,” he said, noting there are no exterior changes and no site-plan review required.

            Conditions include business hours up to from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. Petro Jorjakis asked about a canopy over outdoor seating; Daniel said, “You have to pull a (separate) permit for that.”

            The motion to grant the Special Permit for the Tri Town Market included the condition of trash pickup between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm, the hours as stated, and no change in size of the sign.

            The board voted unanimously to grant the Special Permit.

            Will Saltonstall’s presentation answered the board’s questions into a public hearing for a joint driveway servicing two Water Street properties, and applicants Andrew Kendall and Cornelius Murray III were granted the Special Permit to use an existing access at 39 Water Street (zoned Residence C) to allow a 90-degree swing in the orientation of the neighboring garages.

            The board agreed with Saltonstall that the result will be more tasteful. “It’s the same number of vehicles going in either way, and it does make it more attractive,” said board member Dale Jones.

            The Kendall Family Trust owns most of the abutting properties.

            Sperry Fabric Architecture c/o Matt Sperry, 19 Marconi Lane, requested a continuance (to July 15 at 7:20 pm) after it was determined there was not enough time to respond to the peer-review report before the continued public hearing.

            The board made no comment to the Marion Zoning Board of Appeals regarding the case of Kevin and Tristi Oliveira, 76 Front Street.

            The board agreed to pay Field Engineering $2,575 for its peer-review service to the town regarding the 78 Wareham Road project.

            The next meeting of the Marion Planning Board is scheduled for Monday, July 15, at 7:00 pm at the Police Station.

Marion Planning Board

By Mick Colageo

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