ORR Student Faces Felony Charge After Beating

Five people were arrested and one juvenile hospitalized on Tuesday, May 7, after an encounter at Ned’s Point in Mattapoisett escalated to windshield smashing and then the beating of a 17-year-old male from New Bedford with a baseball bat, resulting in several misdemeanor charges and one felony charge.

            According to Mattapoisett Police Chief Mary Lyons during a follow-up phone call on May 14, five people, including a female juvenile, were all charged with Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, a felony, as well as four misdemeanors – Disturbing the Peace, Fighting, Disorderly Conduct, and Assault and Battery.

            One suspect and the victim are both Old Rochester Regional High School students, and several others who were present during the incident are all known to each other, Lyons said.

            Mattapoisett Police arrived at the scene just before 7:00 pm Tuesday night and called for an ambulance. Police officers also called Marion Police for assistance.

            The victim sustained injuries to the face and significant injuries to the rib cage as a result of being beaten with an aluminum baseball bat as well as having been repeatedly punched and kicked by the five suspects.

            Lyons said that before the brawl, two cars that parked side-by-side at Ned’s Point were joined by a third, a black BMW with the five alleged attackers inside and the baseball bat that was used as a weapon.

            “One got out and smashed the windows of the car in which the victim was in the backseat,” said Lyons.

            The suspects were arraigned at the Wareham District Court on May 8.

By Jean Perry

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