New Housing Proposed Off Route 6

On April 23, the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission began the process of reviewing a multi-structure project proposed off Marion Road/Route 6 by Stingray City Realty Corporation, William Bachant, for a parcel owned by Rahim Aghai.

Representing the applicant in the Notice of Intent hearing was Robert Rego, River Hawk Environmental, who presented the project described as one single-family dwelling and one two-family structure.

Rego said the project consists of 3.75 acres on the south side of Marion Road with a perennial stream bisecting the property. He said that construction would involve 200 feet of the riverfront area and would totally involve the 100-foot buffer zone with 10 percent of the area being developed.

Regarding sewer access, Rego said the project included three pump chambers that would move sewage to the public sewer service available to the site and that public water was also planned.

Stormwater and drainage management was described by Rego as including collection of roof runoff to surface chambers that would move the water to discharge basins.

It was noted from current photographs that the site had already been disturbed and evidenced dumping in jurisdictional areas.

Rego said that before construction, a permanent fence along the wetlands boundary could be installed and debris cleared.

Conservation Agent Elizabeth Leidhold offered suggestions that included terracing of a severe slope to minimize runoff into wetlands, a pre-construction meeting and subsequent regular updates throughout duration of construction, and monitoring of the site during heavy rain events to avoid and mitigate erosion. She also asked the commissioners to consider whether or not a peer review consultant might be needed.

Chairman Mike King said, “I hope that your project won’t add to sediment flow.” He also said that dumping of construction materials, a problem the commission has had to deal with on other projects, could not be an issue on this one saying, “…That concerns us.” He also said he’d like to see firm start and completion dates for the project.

Commissioner Trevor Francis said he needed time to study the project and the potential for a peer review consultant.

King said, “Personally, I don’t think a consultant will give us anything more.” He asked if the Department of Environmental Protection had “weighed-in” on the project. Leidhold said they had not. “There’s no question we need housing stock in Mattapoisett,” King added.

The hearing was continued until May 15 at which time Rego will return with updated drawings based on the commission’s comments.

Also coming before the commission was David Davignon of N. Douglas Schneider & Associates for Timothy Eilertsen, 0 Brant Island Road, for the construction of a single-family home.

The lot had previous been conditioned for construction by the commission, but now with a new owner the proposed residence and surrounding area had been changed. Eilertsen’s project would include adding fill and grading within the buffer zone to create a landscaped lawn space up to 5-feet along the 50-foot no-touch zone.

Davignon said that Natural Heritage’s April letter indicated no adverse impact from the project and that a permanent rail and post fence along the no touch zone would be installed. The Notice of Intent filing received standard conditioning by the commission and was green-lighted for development.

Davignon also represented Tom Jackivicz and Pamela Pierce for a vacant recreational lot located adjacent to 17 Third Street. The applicants proposed adding fill to the center of the lot to eliminate ponding during rain events, and construction of a patio and fire pit.

King said the patio would have to conform with standards for construction in a coastal zone; therefore, the patio would have to be dry-block versus poured concrete. The Request for Determination of Applicability filing received a Negative 3 determination.

Upgraded sewer projects filed under Requests for Determination of Applicability were approved for Diane and Susan Zartman, 116 Acushnet Road, and Patrick Diggings, 2 Bay Shore Drive.

The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission is scheduled for May 15 at 6:30 pm in the town hall conference room.

Mattapoisett Conservation Commission

By Marilou Newell


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