MRC’ s Solution is Public Disclosure

            In seeking to better equip the users of the town harbor, the Marion Marine Resources Commission is using a subcommittee-type approach that has posed a complication, and the result will be more public meetings.

            In March 22’s brief, single-agenda meeting reviewing aquaculture and commercial mooring work groups, MRC Chairman Vincent Malkoski referenced a recent meeting with Town Administrator Jay McGrail and Town Counsel Jon Witten and reported on their recommendations.

            Having MRC Vice Chairman Carlton Burr, who is in a commercial mooring group and owns a boat, MRC member Scott Cowell, who holds an aquaculture site license, and MRC member Joe Guard, who deals in boats, has given the MRC experts on the subject to the benefit of the town, according to Malkoski. However, heretofore, Burr and Cowell have recused themselves from votes on matters of aquaculture and shellfishing, complying with the state’s State Ethics Code. According to Malkoski, Witten advised the MRC that the cleanest way to move forward is for Burr, Cowell, and Guard to file a Notice of Disclosure.

            “Unless the Board of Selectmen has an issue, the MRC should be fine moving forward,” said Malkoski.

            In order to avoid violating Open Meeting Law, McGrail advised any planned discussions involving more than one MRC member with either Harbormaster Isaac Perry (presumably to address commercial mooring) or Associate Harbormaster Adam Murphy (shellfishing), that a meeting should be legally posted.

            “Given that there were some questions, I wanted to get out in front of this,” said Malkoski.

            Murphy told the MRC a meeting is planned for Monday, April 5, and Witten advised the commission it can post a recurring meeting on Wednesdays at 1:00 pm, for instance, so public notice is maintained.

            The next meeting of the Marion Marine Resources Commission will be on April 19 at 7:00 pm.

Marion Marine Resources Commission

By Mick Colageo

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