Mosquito Spraying Scheduled for Rochester

The town of Rochester will undergo a ground spraying in an attempt to control the mosquito situation that has been plaguing the area all summer.  Over the weekend, West Nile Virus was found in a sample of mosquitoes in Rochester according to Health Director Karen Walega.

Walega said mosquitoes will continue to be a problem until the first frost of the season, which will not happen until mid to late October.  She encourages all residents to take necessary precautions while going outdoors during peak mosquito hours from dusk until dawn.

When outside, residents should use a strong repellant and wear long sleeves and pants. Walega said students waiting for the bus in the morning should be wearing some type of repellant because they are still at risk of mosquito bites.

Because tomorrow’s spraying will be on the ground, residents don’t need to worry about closing their windows like they would typically do during an aerial spraying.

So far this summer, West Nile Virus and EEE have been found in 83 and 33 communities, respectively, in nine different counties.

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