Mattapoisett Shores Applications Continued

A superseding order or conditions, long-standing discontent over stormwater drainage issues, and two sets of engineering firms and legal counsels resulted in a long hearing for two conjoined applications during the September 26 meeting of the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission.

A notice of intent filing by Leslie Keselli and Whitney Renault (aka the Henderson Family) trustees for Grande Vue Beach Trust, 14 Bay View Avenue, and a request for an amended order of conditions filed by Grand Vista LLC, 23 Grand View Avenue, Brandon Westley of Hopkinton, brought together parties who have been attempting to resolve long-standing property issues.

In July, The Wanderer reported that, “Shepard Johnson represented the developers. Sandford Matathia represented the Hendersons. The two attorneys said that their clients would be submitting new notices of intent and a plan to ‘de-link’ the two properties from the single order of conditions that had been issued years ago. The attorneys said by separating the two properties, the Hendersons could then get the modifications that would improve environmental conditions on their property. The proposed concept seemed agreeable to the commissioners.”

            Both counsels were once again present as Al Ewing of Ewing Engineering presented plans for the Henderson’s NOI and David Davignon of N. Douglas Schneider & Associates represented Westley’s request for amended order of conditions.

            Ewing explained how grading of the Bay View lot would diminish stormwater ponding, which has long been a problem while not creating drainage issues on abutting lots. He also went into detail regarding the applicants’ request to make improvements to revetment areas along a coastal beach.

Davignon then presented his case for an amended order of conditions for the Grand View lot that adjourns the Bay View parcel. He said that changes to the irrigation system, installation of a well, and revetment improvements to match Bay View would fix drainage issues without causing additional water problems for surrounding lands.

Davignon’s presentation brought the majority of the questions posed by Mattapoisett Shores neighbors and invested residents of the private beach community. Paul Silva, 11 Bay View Avenue, wondered if moving irrigation pipes from one location to another wouldn’t prove better than the directional flow proposed by Davignon.

Silva contended that by simply changing that one aspect, the roadway would be spared possible stormwater damage in the future. After consideration, Davignon took that under advisement as a possible solution.

Ewing heard from Lee Estes, a decades-long resident of the beach community, who aired concerns about the beach revetment plans that included the placement of large boulders for the purpose of protecting the two properties in question from wave action. Estes said that the stones and boulders would make walking the beach difficult.

Chairman Bob Rogers asked all parties to consider a continuation until the next meeting to give Davignon and Ewing sufficient time to update plans based on public hearing feedback and to give the commission time to consult with the Department of Environmental Protection to ensure that revetment plans were allowed so close to coastal beach resources. Both hearings were continued until October 12.

In other business, certificates of compliance were issued to Sharon Thompson, 9 Cover Street; Jay Duker, 112 Aucoot Road; and William Macropoulos, 12 Howard Beach.

Negative determinations were issued to Justin Sayer for his Eagle Scout project at 0 Old Slough Road, a bridge construction project; and James Hurd, 9 Shore Road, for the replacement of an existing deck and exterior stairs.

The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission is scheduled for October 12 at 6:30 pm in the town hall conference room.

By Marilou Newell


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