Marion Reports No New Cases of COVID-19

            The decline of COVID-19 cases in Marion is encouraging, reflecting the overall trend across the state as more are vaccinated and fewer are testing positive. Marion had zero positive cases of COVID-19 as of press time on May 4 when the Marion Board of Health met for a brief meeting.

            “The numbers are obviously coming down,” said Public Health Nurse Lori Desmarais.

            Marion has seen 420 confirmed cases since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

            Sippican School has one person connected to the school in quarantine awaiting test results, with zero currently in isolation. So far, the elementary school has had 38 confirmed cases linked to staff or students at Sippican School.

            Tabor Academy is reporting zero new positive cases with zero students in quarantine or isolation. Tabor will continue to conduct weekly surveillance testing of students and staff, Desmarais stated.

            Sippican Healthcare Center has reported one new confirmed case connected to the nursing home after a long stretch of weeks without any new cases.

            In other matters, the state’s oral rabies vaccine distribution planned for this week has been delayed due to inclement weather. Desmarais said the operation to distribute the oral rabies vaccine via a low-flying helicopter should commence by the end of the current week, pending the weather forecast. The program targets wildlife such as raccoons to help stop the spread of rabies in the wild.

            Board of Health Chairman Dr. Edward Hoffer stated that several raccoons reported as “acting unusually” that were caught in Marion and euthanized all tested negative for rabies.

            Desmarais reported that her clinical hours for the Council on Aging at the Community Center have been running smoothly and picking up steam as people are beginning to show up for the weekly Wednesday 1:00-3:00 pm sessions to have their blood pressure checked and talk about their concerns.

            “People are coming back,” said Desmarais. “It’s nice to see the activities at the COA using the tents. … That has been working well.”

            Desmarais said the COA would be working with the Fire Department to conduct a “sharps drop-off” on Wednesday, May 12, from 9:00 am to noon. According to Desmarais, the Fire Department will be taking on the responsibility that the Police Department has historically managed. Desmarais said the Fire Department would facilitate more sharps drop-offs with the COA in the future.

            “Well, it sounds like things are relatively peaceful and quiet at the moment,” said Hoffer. “We will hope it stays that way.”

            The next meeting of the Marion Board of Health will be held on Tuesday, May 18, at 4:00 pm.

Marion Board of Health

By Jean Perry

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