Kittansett Club Proposes Pro Shop Upgrades

            The Marion Conservation Commission on September 11 approved the Kittansett Club’s request to make some upgrades to its Pro Shop and some of the golf cart paths near the shore.

            On behalf of the Club, Susan Nilson described the proposal that includes the construction of an ADA compliant ramp to the entrance of the Pro Shop and the addition of a porch within the 100-foot buffer zone of the coastal bank and within the flood zone.

            Nilson also briefly described some rerouting of the gravel golf cart paths around that area, and the older paths will be replaced with grass.

            The project, Nilson said, would allow for more ‘greenscape’ near the Pro Shop.

            The commission attended a site visit the prior Saturday and found no issues; however, commission member Shaun Walsh expressed his concern that no erosion control measures were marked on the plan, and he also questioned whether the grass replacement would include sod or seed.

            Walsh included a special condition for erosion control in an area near the shore in his motion for an approved Order of Conditions, but he omitted some of the standard conditions he found irrelevant.

            “Our standard conditions are sort of overkill for this,” Walsh said.

            The special condition to install erosion control near an existing cart barn will be enforced until the grass planting is fully stabilized.

            Nilson stated that the Club had hoped to begin construction this fall, but may have to wait until the spring.

            In other matters, the commission continued the public hearing for its own Notice of Intent to perform invasive species control at Sprague’s Cove until it receives notice from the Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program, a step the commission had overlooked in the process. According to Chairman Jeff Doubrava, that response will take at least 30 days.

            The commission had planned to begin the work this fall during the time when invasive species control is ideal, but conceded that it will have to wait until the spring to begin.

            The hearing was continued until October 23.

            The NOI public hearing for Kathleen Welch, 82 West Avenue, was continued until September 25 at the request of the applicant. The proposal is to restore approximately 844 square feet of an area already altered within the 100-foot coastal dune buffer zone. The plan is for vegetation management to remove invasive species within and near the dune. Welch also proposes to install a kayak rack, raised planting bed, 4-foot high picket fence, and a 12’x12’ paved patio and walkway in addition to some landscaping with native species plantings.

            The next meeting of the Marion Conservation Commission is scheduled for September 25 at 7:00 pm at the Marion Town House.

Marion Conservation Commission

By Jean Perry

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