King To Remain Chairman

The first meeting of the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission in 2018 was held on January 8, and the first order of business undertaken by commissioners Chapman Dickerson, Chris Nicolosi, and Jon Jacobson was to reorganize the commission and reinstate Michael King as chairman. “I appreciate the vote of confidence,” King told the group.

The conservation commissioners have all been recently appointed, with King presently being the most senior member.

Then it was on to the business at hand – Requests for Determination of Applicability and Certificates of Compliance.

First up was a RDA filed by Brian and Kerri Gagnon, 4 Holly Street, for a new Title 5 septic system to be constructed in the flood zone. Engineer Carmelo Nicolosi of Charon & Associates described the system that will employ an Eljen sand filter process that provides a second tier of treatment and is approved by the Department of Environmental Protection. The project received a Negative 2 determination (no Notice of Intent required) with notice to the Conservation Agent Elizabeth Leidhold.

Next came a RDA from Bruce Clay, 10 Pine Road, also receiving a Negative 2 determination for the installation of two concrete footings for a deck extension.

Alan Ewing, engineer representing Gingras Nominee Trust in care of Carol Lawrence for property located off Randall Road, received a Negative 3 determination for a RDA that will allow the construction of a roadway for the establishment of a two-lot subdivision.

Louis Klein, Jr., 7 Oakland Street, and Douglas Peck, 33 Antassawamock Road, were both represented by David Davignon of N. Douglas Schneider& Associates who also filed RDAs.

Klein sought and received conditional approval of wetland delineations with no additional requests at this time. Leidhold’s in-field review established an additional flag along the wetlands line that Davignon will add to a revised plan of record before receiving final approval.

Peck’s project included the removal of an existing deck between his residence and a freestanding garage for the purpose of constructing a larger deck and second-story addition that will unite the two structures.

Brian Grady of G.A.F. Engineering represented Lisa Clark, Holly Woods Road, for a Certificate of Completion request that was long in the making. Grady said that due to the age of the “after-the-fact” Mass DEP enforcement filing related to the construction of a driveway on the property, he had to rely on documents submitted by the state office to confirm completion of required remediation sites. Grady also said that he made a site visit and that in his estimation it confirmed that the remediation had been completed. The commission was satisfied with Grady’s presentation and approved the issuance of the Certificate of Compliance.

Continued until January 22 were a RDA filed by David Dunn, Fresh Pond, for the construction of a floating osprey platform and a previously continued Notice of Intent filing by Dennis Arsenault for the construction of a driveway and two-lot subdivision at the end of Snow Field Road.

Continued until February 26 was a Certificate of Compliance request filed by Gabriel Estrela, 48A Shore Drive.

Due to a potential scheduling conflict, the commission voted to hold only one Conservation Commission meeting in February. The conflict was noted to arise from the possible scheduling of a special town meeting to determine if voters are in favor of a temporary moratorium for the rollout of adult use marijuana that is planned statewide on March 1.

The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission is scheduled for January 22 at 6:30 pm in the town hall conference room.

Mattapoisett Conservation Commission

By Marilou Newell


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