It’s a Go for ‘Gaga’

During his third appearance before the Marion Conservation Commission on June 13, aspiring Eagle Scout Jackson St. Don got the ‘go-ahead’ for his Gaga ball pit, his chosen project for his completion of his Eagle Scout requirements.

St. Don’s Gaga ball pit is planned for Silvershell Beach and now that the Board of Selectmen, the Recreation Department, and the Department of Public Works have all signed off to either approve or assume responsibility of removing the ball pit before serious storm events, the Marion Conservation gave its final approval.

Gaga ball is a game any age and any number of people can enjoy at the same time. It is dubbed the “kinder, gentler version of dodge ball” by The Gaga Center in New York, and the game involves a group inside an octagonal ring trying to hit other players with a soft foam ball below the knees. It is a quick, high action game that can be enjoyed by anyone, said Jackson, which is why he chose the Gaga ball pit as his gift to the community.

The pit will be a 22-foot diameter octagon with a sand floor and 30-inch high sides made of pressure-treated wood. After two prior meetings, the commission had no further questions on the details of the project.

“I appreciate you going through this somewhat arduous process,” said Commission Member Shaun Walsh. “And hopefully it’s been a good experience for you coming before a number of boards as part of your Scout project and presenting it to folks that need to sign off on it, and I appreciate the [gift] you’ve given us … I think it would be a great addition to the beach and to all the kids that play down there, so I’m looking forward to seeing it.”

Chairman Cynthia Trinidad wished St. Don good luck, saying he did a good job, given the unexpected surprise of having to file a Request for Determination of Applicability.

“It is what it is,” said Trinidad. “It’s government – so now you can get extra credit from your social studies teacher. I’ll write you a letter.”

St. Don expects to complete the project immediately.

In other matters, Kevin Cuzzi was given a Negative Determination (no Notice of Intent required) for his Request for Determination of Applicability to install a 100-gallon propane tank on a concrete pad between the house and shed at 35 East Avenue.

The commission approved the Dexter Beach Association’s request for a three-year extension of a permit to eradicate phragmites from two areas and re-seed them with native grasses. There was a concern as to whom specifically would be applying the herbicide, and the president of the association told the commission that the same association member has applied it since 1998 when the original permit was issued. The commission urged the association to hire a professional to eradicate the invasive reeds once and for all, since the eradication has been ongoing for 20 years and the area is still choking on phragmites.

Timothy Eilertsen was approved and given an Oder of Conditions for his Notice of Intent to build a 26-foot by 38-foot house with a 16-foot by 24-foot attached garage. Engineer Doug Schneider said the plan calls for a row of boulders on the west side of the property to mark the 15-foot ‘no-touch’ zone.

Samuel Barrington of 37 Holmes Street was given a Negative Determination for his RDA for a 576 square-foot in-ground swimming pool with a cement deck 8 feet wide at the east entrance of the pool and 3 inches on the sides and opposite end.

Carmine Martignetti received a Negative Determination for his RDA to demolish an existing house and establish a lawn (loam and seed) within the former footprint of the demolished house at 75 Moorings Road.

The commission approved an extension permit for an Order of Conditions for utility service relocation on Moorings Road for applicant Moorings QPRT with minimal discussion. The permit was extended until September 10, 2021, at the applicant’s request.

The next meeting of the Marion Conservation Commission is scheduled for June 27 at 7:00 pm at the Marion Town House.

Marion Conservation Commission

By Jean Perry

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