Hollywood Subdivision Planned

            Coming before the Mattapoisett Planning Board on Monday night was Chris Vandenberghe, represented by Brian Potvin of Civil and Environmental Consultants for property located at 7 Hollywood Road.

            During the informal discussion, Potvin explained that nine acres owned by Vandenberghe would be subdivided into seven buildable lots served by a new roadway. Potvin referred to the new road as a public road, but he was corrected by several board members who stated that the road would remain private until it comes before Town Meeting for vetting and acceptance.

            The Planning Board said that a homeowners association needs to be established for the road and other matters related to the private ownership. The new roadway is planned to be constructed off Hollywood Road.

            Potvin said that all new lots would be outside the FEMA flood zone and that while individual septic systems are planned, sites would be prepared for town sewer tie-in should the area become part of the municipal system. He confirmed that soil testing had not taken place to this point as required for septic systems.

            Waivers were briefly discussed but would be fully expressed in those updated submittals, Potvin said. When asked how soon the project might begin if approved, Vandenberge said by the winter.

            The board asked Potvin to submit plans to the Highway Department and Fire Department for their input prior to returning to discuss the plans formally.

            In other business, Carol and Brien Barnewolt, 7 Crystal Springs Road, asked for and received permission to open an existing stonewall on a scenic byway 15 feet and displace stones to be repurposed as part of the entranceway.

            Also, JBL Estates/Long Built Homes, represented by Attorney Lee Castignetti, presented a surety agreement for roadway construction for 0 Fairhaven Road, the former site of a double-sided billboard. The meeting was simply to formalize a vote taken on August 21 in which the board accepted a cash surety. A discrepancy in what the developers believed was a solid offer and what the board considered reasonable was resolved when the town’s engineer, Field Engineering, evaluated the matter. The sum of $53,000 cash was approved.

            The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Planning Board is scheduled for Monday, October 2, at 7:00 pm.

Mattapoisett Planning Board

By Marilou Newell

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