Grassi Bog Slated for Invasives Control

The frontline for the next battle in the Town of Marion’s war against invasive plant species will be Grassi Bog, and the Marion Open Space Acquisition Commission’s chosen weapon for the wetlands is the appropriately primeval-sounding “bloody glove method.” No phragmites shall be spared its wrath.

The Marion Conservation Commission approved the Notice of Intent for a plan to eradicate and manage invasive species at Grassi Bog, funded by a government grant that MOSAC acquired.

When one commission member wondered if they should go for a site visit to view the areas on the plan for invasive eradication, commission member Jeffrey Doubrava stated, “We’ve been to Grassi Bog enough times,” which was met with agreement.

The aforementioned bloody glove method, MOSAC Chairman John Rockwell said, involves saturating a cotton glove with glyphosate and hand applying it to the flower heads of the phrags. This method is favored in sensitive wetlands areas such as at Grassi Bog since the spraying of herbicides is considerably limited.

The application received approval with an Order of Conditions.

In other matters, Tabor Academy received a Negative Determination for its plan to install an underground grease trap (already approved by the Board of Health), two exit door locations, paved walkways, and a new electrical transformer with new trench at 215 Front Street. Some of the proposed work is within a flood zone.

Mark and Elizabeth Fredericks of 11 Bass Point Road were granted permission to raze an existing deck and replace it with a larger deck, 10 feet by 16 feet in size. The application received a Negative Determination.

Also during the meeting, the public hearing for a RDA for N. George & Laurie Host of 456 Point Road was continued until June 28. No one on behalf of the applicant was present for the hearing.

The public hearing for a RDA for Brian Dupras of 13 Card Drive was also continued until June 28 because the commission visited the wrong property during its site visit.

The next meeting of the Marion Conservation Commission is scheduled for June 28 at 7:00 pm at the Marion Town House.

Marion Conservation Commission

By Jean Perry


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