Gibbs Needs Special Permit for Sign

            The Marion Planning Board facilitated a reorganization of the roles of its members in their remote access meeting held on July 20. The reorganization came after the June 26 reelection of Norm Hills, Eileen Marum, and Christopher Collings.

            In their first meeting since the town election, Chairperson Will Saltonstall began by congratulating his fellow board members on their success in the recent election and moved quickly to determine who would fill the positions vital to the function of the board.

            Members of the Marion Planning Board unanimously supported Saltonstall in continuing his role as chairperson. Andrew Daniel was nominated to continue his role as vice chairperson. Marum was chosen to continue her work as the clerk.

            With the board’s internal business settled, members moved on to address the sole public hearing brought to their attention.

            Community member Dan Gibbs, owner of Gibbs Roofing, came before the board to present his idea to erect a sign advertising his business on property located at 459 Mill Street. Gibbs hopes that the advertisement will help boost public awareness of his business.

            Saltonstall explained that the chosen property is designated as a limited industrial zone. Gibbs currently uses the property to store some of his vehicles and equipment for his business.

            According to Saltonstall, the industrial designation does not permit any kind of commercial usage of the property. This means a special permit would be required for Gibbs to be allowed to construct the sign on the property.

            “I encouraged Dan to come here,” Saltonstall told the board. “I don’t think a site plan is required to do this kind of work, but it does seem like a special permit is required by the Planning Board for this to continue.”

            Marum explained that she was concerned about where the sign would be positioned. Because the sign would be positioned close to the highly trafficked Route 6 in Marion, the sign could prevent dangers for drivers exiting Mill Street and entering the main road. With that, Marum expressed general support for the venture. “There is already signage in that area,” Marum said. “I have nothing against signage, and I think it would enhance his business.”

            The board agreed that the project would have little to no negative impact provided the sign is positioned safely. With no impact on the natural environment and a potential social and economic value, the board encouraged Gibbs to put forth an application for a special permit.

            Gibbs agreed to return in a formal application for the permit with a more detailed proposal demonstrating where the sign would be located in order to quiet any safety concerns surrounding the project.

            The next Marion Planning Board meeting is set to be held remotely over the Zoom platform on August 3.

Marion Planning Board

By Matthew Donato

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