Gerber Thanked for ConCom Commitment

            The Marion Conservation Commission will see significant personnel changes after a partial representation of the ConCom met to handle several cases on June 26.

            Acting as chairman with both Jeff Doubrava and Vice Chair Emil Assing unable to attend, Shaun Walsh closed the meeting by publicly recognizing five-year member Ethan Gerber, who is leaving the commission. Gerber drew a round of applause for his service.

            Walsh also noted that member Matt Shultz, attending this meeting remotely, will serve as chair beginning with the commission’s next meeting on July 10.

            Several cases were heard and most concluded on June 26.

            Steve Sooy was issued a Negative Box 1 determination, confirming the intermittent designation of a stream at 387 County Road (Tucker Lane), thusly meaning there is no “riverfront” area on the property.

            Cameron Larson, Environmental Consulting & Restoration, presented the Request for Determination of Applicability on behalf of Sooy and said that colleague Brad Holmes had originally presented the case. Larson submitted and displayed photos in his turn to cement the case.

            “There was some puddling, but the important part is that there is no water being held up against that culvert and not reaching the stream,” said Larson, noting that the stream was documented as dry on four days during a non-dry period.

            Marion Conservation Agent Doug Guey-Lee corroborated the evidence provided.

            A Notice of Intent filed by Repurpose Properties, LLC, for construction of a single-family house with a driveway, utilities, sewage disposal, site grading, a plan to raze an existing barn and remove small horse barn and paddock fencing at County Road (Tucker Lane) was once again continued to Wednesday, July 10, at 7:00 pm.

            Brian Grady of G.A.F. Engineering represented the applicant.

            After Grady told the commission that the driveway will consist of gravel after the first 30 feet to the street, Walsh questioned why a wall is scheduled to be knocked down and graded into the no-disturb zone.

            Grady admitted slight encroachment into the 15-foot, no-touch zone but noted that there is standing water but no grass or trees. It is not “entirely necessary” but an effort to keep the water from the basement of the barn, he explained.

            Walsh estimated that the grading would occur to within 5 feet of the wetlands flag. Grady said the grading could be pulled back, but Walsh suggested a continuance, characterizing the entire property as buffer zone. Guey-Lee called the area a wildlife habitat.

            K.A. Maloney and S.J. Campbell were issued a Negative Box 2 and Box 3 determination of applicability for proposed repairs to an existing septic system at 146 Allen’s Point Road.

            Rick Charon of Charon Associates said the applicant is working on a deadline for an August wedding. The main house and the guest house are both serviced by cesspools. After noting the denitrification technology in the new septic system, Charon joked that he hopes the family has money left over for the wedding.

            After a site visit, the Dexter Beach Improvement Association c/o Kenneth Parsons, Beach Dinghy Road, was granted a three-year extension to continue beach nourishment.

            The commission also granted Nicholas and Rosemary Grey a three-year extension to their permit to construct an artificial dune along the water’s edge at 6 Shawondasse Road. The project was conditioned three years ago but not carried out. The compatibility of sand was an issue.

            The commission issued an Order of Conditions to Meghan Davis and the Marion Department of Public Works for its installation of 690 linear feet of watermain and associated service connections, fittings, valves and appurtenances at Creek Road. The commission received a June 21 letter from Natural Heritage approving the project.

            Stephen Pires’ proposed installation of an inground swimming pool at 24 Bullivant Farm Road and removal of a shed was issued a Negative determination and conditioned with erosion control to be installed immediately upon the commencement of work.

            Kristian Michael and Melissa Albracht Koziol were issued a Negative Box 2 determination for their proposed demolition and reconstruction of an existing garage at 29 Lewis Street.

            At Guey-Lee’s request, the commission discussed a notification from John Rockwell regarding possibly unauthorized activities occurring on Boxberry Lane.

            The next meeting of the Marion Conservation Commission is scheduled for Wednesday, July 10, at 7:00 pm at the Marion Police Station on Route 6.

Marion Conservation Commission

By Mick Colageo

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