FinCom Envisions Sale of Atlantis Drive Site

During fiscal year 2020 talks with Facilities Department Director Shaun Cormier, the 

Marion Finance Committee on February 26 wondered if a “for sale” sign might be appropriate for the Town-owned building and venue for most Finance Committee meetings, 13 Atlantis Drive.

            The maintenance line item of Cormier’s budget needs an increase this year, Cormier told the committee, accounting for items such as the Town’s ten electric car charging stations that are nearing the expiration of their 3-year warranties.

            The committee asked Cormier some questions about charging station locations and whether use of the stations has been monitored, but Cormier had no further information to share other than that his department is “stuck with the repairs.”

             “It’s really not my puppy: it fell into my lap,” Cormier said.

            Cormier’s budget for maintenance includes $3,000 for maintenance projects at the Atlantis Drive facility, “And that’s not gonna cut it,” he said.

            Finance Committee member Alan Minard questioned Cormier about the other occupants of the building, like Saltworks Marine, apart from Cormier’s office at the site. He asked if whether there has even been any talk about selling the building.

            “There’s been some talk,” Cormier said, “but in order to get rid of it, we’ll have to make some space for [the] harbormaster.”

            Minard turned to Town Administrator Paul Dawson and asked if the Board of Selectmen ever followed through on a prior intent to survey the building to determine what is needed and not needed.

            “That did not happen,” confirmed Dawson.

            Cormier said the building has some significant issues right now, though, including a leaking roof needing new shingles, with asbestos underneath, old siding that needs replacement on the sides of the structure, new windows, all totaling about $300,000 over the next three years.

             “For sale,” remarked Minard.

            FinCom Chairman Peter Winters asked Cormier if he thinks the building could be ready for a sale in three years. Cormier said yes.

            Cormier said he has looked into possibly building a new facilities location at the DPW site on Benson Brook Road near the wastewater treatment plant, he said, which “might be a wash” with the sale price of 13 Atlantis Drive. He described a building with two garages on each side with shared office spaces in between.

            “We’ve tossed it around a lot,” Cormier said.

            The Finance Committee wondered if Saltworks might be interested in purchasing 13 Atlantis Drive, located in industrial zoning, which Cormier said was possible.

            The next meeting of the Marion Finance Committee is scheduled for March 6 at 6:00 pm at the Atlantis Drive Facility.

Marion Finance Committee

By Jean Perry

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