Drainage Issues No Fault of Pinebrook Lane

            The Mattapoisett Conservation Commission supported a construction project at 3 Pinebrook Lane, despite objections from an abutter during the commission’s Monday night, remote access meeting.

            A Request for Determination of Applicability was filed by Rene Macie and Sheila Ryan-Macie, for approval to proceed with the construction of a third bay on their garage and fencing along the back of their property within the buffer zone of bordering vegetated wetlands. The garage addition would measure 25 feet, 8 inches by 18 feet.

            Historic stormwater drainage problems in the area have caused flooding in the basements of some properties in the neighborhood. Currently, the Highway Department is working on plans to upgrade the drainage systems in the area.

            Abutter Charles Motta, who lives at 26 Holly Lane, spoke against the changes to the property.

            “The lot has been stripped of trees… I wish they would plant some trees to absorb some of the water,” said Motta, who believes drainage onto his property has been created by the subdivision on Pinebrook Lane. He also said that a detention pond on the property has not been maintained.

            Chairman Mike King responded, “Mass DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) at your request did a site visit prior to the construction of the home. All systems were installed as required by DEP. This property is not causing your problems. The project as proposed is permittable. The commission is not in a position to compel anyone to plant trees. The town manager is working with the Highway Department on your behalf.”

            The project received a negative determination of applicability.

A Notice of Intent filed by Kathleen and William Sylvia to raze a house and build another at 41 Cove Street was continued until September 14. Engineer Rick Charon detailed the scope of the project as razing of existing one-bedroom dwelling on a barrier beach for a new home to be built atop 12 pilings driven 20-feet below grade. The construction would take place within buffer zones of the coastal shoreline and salt marsh. Charon indicated that the project proposes the removal of approximately 750 square feet of beach grass that will be replanted under the elevated structure and the addition of 100 cubic feet of beach sand for beach nourishment.

“Two words should be remembered: coastal resiliency,” said King, who said he would take the proposal under advisement but wants to research other design options for the barrier beach.

An Enforcement Order at 37 Water Street was continued until September 14 to give a wetland scientist time to develop remediation plans for the non-permitted use of weed killer along a perennial stream that discharges into the town beach.

Remediation is underway at 42 Marion Road after an Enforcement Order was issued for non-permitted disturbance to jurisdictional areas.

Michael and Patricia Donovan at 3 Pepperbush Lane received a negative determination of applicability for their plans to build a deck and shed within 108 of a perennial stream. 

George Payne, representing owners at 55 Brandt Island Road, received a negative determination -of applicability for plans for an above-ground pool and deck within the 100-foot buffer zone to bordering vegetated wetlands.

Cheryl A. Engle-Belknap and Greg Carlisle also received a negative determination of applicability for their plans to upgrade a single-family home at 34 Fairhaven Road which sits partially within a mapped flood zone.

Patrick and Lisa Matthews have filed a Notice of Intent at Park Place for a new home with a walk-out basement within the buffer zone to a bordering vegetated wetland. King asked for permanent fencing to denote the boundary of the wetlands. The case was continued to September 14 to allow for public comment.

Donald and Carol Lamarr received a negative determination of applicability for their 40×50 foot garage proposal within a mapped flood zone at 5 Tallman Street.

The RDA filed by Brian and Patricia O’Neill for work at 11 Mechanic Street was continued to September 14, as the scope of the project has decreased, new plans pending.

Peter Saccone’s Notice of Intent for construction of a new home at 2 Park Lane was conditioned.

The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission is scheduled for September 14 at 7pm.

Mattapoisett Conservation Commission

By Mick Colageo

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