Doonan Back to ConCom with Aquaculture Plan

The Marion Conservation Commission on July 25 got a preview of Shea Doonan’s latest plan for another aquaculture farm in Marion waters, ahead of the Board of Selectmen’s aquaculture hearing that following Tuesday.

The commission couldnot issue a determination that night for Doonan’s Notice of Intent, not without comments from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and the MassWildlife’s Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program, but they did get the gist of the plan along with details pertinent to the commission’s jurisdiction.

Doonan wants to establish an aquaculture farm off Mitton’s Flats spanning 21,609 square feet – 100 feet by 230 feet in size.

The project would include a series of buoys with a number of floating bags and cages attached that would rise and fall with the tides, with low tide averaging around 2.5 feet in depth, according to Doonan.

“The lowest tide I’ve ever seen … probably has two-and-a-half feet,” said Doonan, but the tide changes and the total he gave would be the average, give or take some inches.

Doonan said there are no moorings in the area he has slated for the aquaculture farm, which is nearby the opening of Hammetts Cove.

Commission member Cynthia Callow asked if all abutters concerned had been notified, to which Doonan said they had – perhaps not for the Conservation Commission public hearing; however, he said that in general abutters have been told of the project.

“They came and gave their arguments,” Doonan said.

Abutters had been notified of the Board of Selectmen hearing on July 31, Doonan said.

According to Doonan, although maps had shown the presence of eelgrass at the proposed site, a state agency arrived to perform a physical inspection of the site, ultimately finding no eelgrass inside the affected area. Chairman Jeffrey Doubrava read the letter from the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries confirming that no eelgrass was spotted during the in-water survey.

Doonan’s NOI hearing was continued until August 8.

Also during the meeting, the commission approved the Notice of Intent for Derek Maksy, 7 Bournehurst Road, to add an in-ground pool next to the house, remove a cesspool and install a septic system, a circular driveway, garage, and clear a 12-foot cart way to access a picnic area. The commission’s only concern was accidental clear-cutting by a third party, so the commission issued special conditions to the Order of Conditions: the placement of boulders to mark the boundary of the 15-foot no-touch zone, and to notify the commission once erosion control implements have been installed and before lot-clearing work begins.

The public hearing for the NOI for the Dexter Beach Association was continued until August 8 to allow for the submission of further information. The association is looking to perform some beach nourishment by adding 100 cubic yards of sand above the mean high waterline, as well as east and west of the beach area. The association’s representative said storms cause sand to be washed away, leaving behind craters and extensive erosion.

The next meeting of the Marion Conservation Commission is scheduled for August 8 at 7:00 pm at the Marion Music Hall.

Marion Conservation Commission

By Jean Perry


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