Demolitions Under Discussion

Proposals for two Marion homes to be demolished and replaced by new homes were considered by the Conservation Commission on Wednesday evening.

Dr. Henning Gaissert of 28 Front Street discussed a Notice of Intent to demolish the existing dwelling at 28 Front Street and construct a new dwelling and driveway. At issue was an isolated wet area on the boundary line at Gaissert’s property and the abutter. Fred and Betty Danhauser, the abutters, addressed the board with their concerns regarding the proposed driveway being in the wet area on the boundary between the two properties.

After much discussion, it was agreed that the applicant would mark the boundary of the property and present plans that show the wet area in relation to the boundary line. The commission will revisit the property after the boundaries are marked and discuss their findings at the next meeting to be held on April 10.

Next up was Paul Murphy of 14 Doran Way discussing a Notice of Intent to demolish the existing dwelling and construct a new dwelling and deck. John Churchill of JC Engineering Inc. represented the applicant. The proposal was required due to a wetland that runs behind all the lots in the area. The commission reviewed the plans and noted that a stream near the wetland was not shown on the drawings. The board asked Churchill to rework the drawings to show the stream and determine whether a shed on the property, near the wetland, would be relocated or removed. The hearing was continued until April 10.

In other business, Diane Bondi-Pickles addressed the board with a request for Determination of Applicability to add and grade approximately 155 cubic yards of fill in a low area of the site at 29 Cove Street. Ray Pickles said that the fire hydrant on the property was substantially above the surrounding property, showing the need for fill to have proper grading. The Pickles’ plan to return the area to a state where water will not constantly puddle.

“We’ll use non-structural fill, seed it, and get it back to it’s natural state,” Pickles said.

A discussion of the Town of Marion’s Sprague’s Cove project on Front Street, near Silvershell Beach was discussed. Susannah Davis of Davis Land Design Inc. addressed the board and presented plans for plantings and a possible fence repair to be initiated prior to the beach opening in the summer.

Davis volunteered her time and effort to assist the town in tackling the multiple issues surrounding the Sprague’s Cove project. “We need a good mowing strip and plantings that will be easily maintained by the town,” Davis said. The board thanked Davis for her initial plans and will work with her to improve the area.

The board also had an appointment with Frank Cerkovitz regarding his Chapter 61A land conversion update. Cerkovitz has agricultural land with a water flow he plans to divert to another area. “We’re trying to move the water in another direction,” Cerkovitz said. The board told the applicant that they weren’t familiar with the details of the Chapter 61A requirements and filing needs and would contact the individuals Cerkovitz worked with to learn more about the project. “We haven’t seen something like this before,” Board Member Norman Hills said. “We want to learn more about what the requirements are for this project.”

By Joan Hartnett-Barry

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