Delano Road House Expansion Possible

A house on Delano Road could see an expansion soon if the Marion Zoning Board of Appeals grants a special permit to its residents.  A public hearing for the property was held at the ZBA’s regular meeting on Thursday, October 25 in the Town House.

Architect Will Saltonstall represented Joseph and Lucy Napoli, the owners of the residence at 468 Delano Rd.  The property sits at the corner of Delano and Ridgewood Lane.

Saltonstall asked the board for a special permit that would serve two requests.  The first request would be put an expansion in the rear of the house for an additional bedroom. The addition would be 18′ x 13.5′ in dimension. It would be a one-story gabled addition.

The second request would be permission to reconstruct a storage facility on the property.  The garage’s dimensions would be 10′ x 10′.

Both Saltonstall and Joseph Napoli said the spoke with all abutting neighbors about the project.

“I talked to each and every one about it and they’re all for it,” said Napoli.  “We value the property very much.”

THe ZBA has 90 days to grant the special permit, and if it is issued, residents will have a 20-day window to appeal.

The only other hearing on the board’s agenda requested a continuance until December 13.  The hearing was supposed to deal with the ongoing issue of Tabor Academy’s athletic fields and the Town of Marion.

The Marion Zoning Board of Appeals will meet again on Thursday, November 8 at 7:30 pm in the Town House.

By Katy Fitzpatrick

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