Debut of Long-Range Goals, Strategies

The April 6 meeting was a turning point for the Mattapoisett Master Plan Committee, as a draft of goals and strategies in various categories was unveiled.

            Guiding the local committee has been Lizeth Gonzalez, principal comprehensive planner with the Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District.

            Goals and associated strategies for established categories or themes have been discussed and debated over many months. Monthly meetings and workshops found the 19 committee volunteers enthusiastically championing such themes as potential school consolidation, as well as learning from one another about areas they might have been less familiar with such as roadways. The task of taking all the data and comments and turning it into a usable format that could then be set up for action items is no small task – that is the role of SRPEDD.

            There are eight planning elements, Gonzalez explained. Those elements are: Lane Use; Housing; Economic Development; Open Space and Recreation; Natural and Cultural Resources; Transportation; Services; and Facilities.

            “The Master Plan follows a thematic breakdown using Vision for the future including: Vibrant Village Center, Thriving Business Corridor, Protected Coastal Neighborhoods, Sustainable Inland Growth, Preserved Natural Systems, Resilient Services and Governance, and Safe, Connected and Reliable Infrastructure,” Gonzalez wrote.

            Under “Vision” Vibrant Village Center, Gonzalez captured, “Promote a strong historic village character through a walkable, compact neighborhood with climate resilience in mind.” This “vision” then contained such strategies as zoning changes that might “expand flexibility in the Village Business District by assessing dimensional limitations including lot coverage, height and density.”

            Other strategies outlined included zoning changes that would allow duplex structures and provide visual guidelines for designs in the village area.

            Under Programs and Policies, Gonzalez described the Vibrant Village Center element this way: “Adopt a Village Historic District to support preservation in the Village Center … and create a Mattapoisett Village branding through wayfaring, events, and local business partnerships.”

            Under the element Safe, Connected and Reliable Infrastructure, Gonzalez wrote, “Make routes to the recreational areas and the Village Center safe for pedestrians and bikers and prepare critical roads for climate change.”

            Strategies for this element include capital projects such as elevated roads or improvements to stormwater drainage systems in key flood areas, continuation of Complete Streets projects (under the state funding program by that name), completion of the bike path, and establishing ownership for maintenance and evaluation of major roads for traffic calming.

            Gonzalez asked the group to provide written feedback so that finetuning of this document, critical for the completion of the Master Plan, can continue.

            To receive a copy or the draft of Master Plan Goals and Strategies, contact Gonzalez at

Mattapoisett Master Plan Committee

By Marilou Newell

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