ConCom to Visit 119 Converse

            In a public hearing continued from May 26, a Notice of Intent filed by John and Cynthia Paliotta for a Land Management Plan involving the eradication of invasive plants and other activities at 119 Converse Road will see a site visit from the Marion Conservation Commission on Friday, June 18, at 9:00 am. The case was again heard during the commission’s June 9 Zoom meeting.

            Referred to by ConCom Chair Shaun Walsh in a prior meeting as “complicated,” the case is subject to the peer review of Bob Gray, who was contracted by the Town of Marion for the case. Gray’s hire is being funded by the applicant. Walsh told ConCom members that Gray recommends that the applicant take two actions at the site prior to the site visit. Gray said it would be helpful if the tree cutting and planting locations are made specific via color-coded tape and that the applicant flag the wetlands delineation. That way he can validate those delineations for accuracy.

            Walsh said he hopes for as many members as possible to attend the site visit. Caitrin Higgins, director of Operations at Wilkinson Ecological, which is also representing the applicant, attended the June 9 meeting and plans to attend the June 18 site visit.

            The public hearing was continued to ConCom’s next scheduled meeting on Wednesday, June 23, at 7:00 pm.

            In the first of several new cases, Blankenship Township filed an NOI for beach nourishment at 468 Point Road.

            Dave Davignon of Schneider, Davignon & Leone Inc. represented the applicant and discussed his proposal for the addition of 9 cubic yards of sand consistent with the sand on the site of the coastal beach. The applicant sought a condition allowing for the beach area to be replenished with more sand. “Yes, on an as-needed basis not to exceed 12 cubic yards per year,” said Davignon.

            ConCom held a site visit, and member Jeff Doubrava said he would rather see a three-year condition issued rather than a condition in perpetuity. Davignon said Doubrava’s was a reasonable request.

            Member Emil Assing articulated concern for the preservation of the salt marsh against heavy equipment. Davignon said a Bobcat or backhoe would have rubber tires and need about five loads to complete the delivery of sand.

            Walsh pointed out that the case was not approved yet by the Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program, so a continuance was necessary, and the public hearing was continued to June 23 at 7:00 pm.

            The Kittansett Club filed a Notice of Intent to renovate the first-floor outdoor deck area of its clubhouse. The proposal includes removal, replacement, and expansion of a timber deck with associated access stairs at 12 Point Road.

            The land is subject to coastal storm flowage and is within the flood zone; however, being previously developed land, no filing was necessary with NHESP, paving the way for a decision.

            ConCom voted to issue an Order of Conditions to Kittansett.

            ConCom voted to issue a Negative 3 determination of applicability to Daniel and Mayo Morgan, who filed an RDA to remove a deck/pergola and replace it with one-story house addition at 22 Point Road. The land is on a coastal bank and subject to coastal flowage.

            ConCom voted to issue a negative determination of applicability to Grover 19750 Parking Trust, which had submitted an RDA to construct various home improvements at 4 Water Street.

            Under action items, Lori Kahler’s request for an extension permit at 28 Wareham Road (formerly 7 Bournhurst Road) was met with ConCom’s vote to approve a three-year extension of the Order of Conditions. The permit does not grant permission to do any work beyond what was specifically authorized in the original OOC.

            Walsh recommended reinforcing with the new owner the need for erosion control. “It’s a very unique site for sure,” he said, referring to heavy vegetation.

            Asked by the Planning Board for comment on Sherman Briggs’ and Hamblin Homes’ residential project off Spring Street near Mill Street, Walsh said a site visit yielded no signs of a wetland and considered the case to be outside ConCom’s jurisdiction.

            After his business was concluded, Davignon asked Walsh about the immediate future of Zoom meetings, and the June 9 meeting coincidentally hit a snag moments after the engineer declared his preference for the convenience remote-access meetings offer, especially to those who attend several meetings per week. Conversely, the membership of boards and committees in the Tri-Town area prefer meeting in person. The glitch lasted approximately three minutes.

            ConCom is gearing toward August 11 as its first in-person meeting at the Town House. July 23 would be the filing deadline for a place on the August 11 agenda.

            Doubrava pointed out that the state extension allowing remote access to public meetings until September 1 had not been passed as of June 9. Callow said that board administrator Donna Hemphill bears a disproportionate workload in running Zoom meetings and distributing paperwork.

            The next meeting of the Marion Conservation Commission is scheduled for Wednesday, June 23, at 7:00 pm.

Marion Conservation Commission

By Mick Colageo

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