Board Talks Tough About Subdivision

Ken Motta of Field Engineering read through his report on Phase 1 of the Brandt Point Village subdivision, a project that has been fraught with ownership changes and broken promises almost since it was first permitted years ago, on July 2 before the Mattapoisett Planning Board.

Motta read through a list of some 20 incomplete punch-list items, things that were mandated from an August 2017 meeting to be completed by August 2018. He noted issues related to the stormwater drainage system and septic system. Motta also mentioned such items as catch basin cleaning and landscaping.

Village resident Gail Carlson said that she was unaware of any inspection conducted on the septic system, that street markings were not done, and that turtle fences had never been installed.

Planning Board Chairman Tom Tucker’s frustration with developer Armand Cotelleso and lender Marc Marcus of Omega Financial was on full view as he was reminded by board member Janice Robbins that both Phase 1 and 2 were due to be completed by August 1, 2018 per the August 2017 joint agreement.

“No occupancy permits for Phase 2 are to be issued until everything in Phase 1 is complete,” Tucker stated.

On the matter for culvert piping on Phase 2, Tucker said, “The owner’s engineers need to come and explain that.” He said the developers had been invited on numerous occasions to attend meetings when their project was on the agenda but failed to show up, making it difficult to work through ongoing issues at the site.

Now, Tucker said with the August 1 deadline approaching, he was in no mood to “babysit” the developer.

“We can’t baby these people,” he said with obvious disdain.

Turning to Robbins, he asked what steps the board could take if the developer defaulted.

“The lender,” Robins said, “who is also the developer, can remedy or cure problems within 30-days.” Failing that, Robbins said that the board could revoke approval of the subdivision or issue a cease and desist order. She said the board could also elect to demand the $1.5 million surety. “That might get their attention,” she said.

And while Robbins wasn’t pleased with having to go to extreme measures to get the developer to complete the project, Tucker said they had been given more than enough time to comply.

Board member Nathan Ketchell stated, “They have a hard deadline they have to respond to.”

Planning Board Administrative Assistant Mary Crain was asked to follow-up with the Board of Health to ascertain if inspection reports had ever been submitted for the site and to invite Cotelleso and Marcus to the July 16 meeting.

In other business, the board approved the construction of a driveway for a new home located at 116 North Street. They also accepted an Approval Not Required form for property located at 33 and 35 County Road where the Ropewalk business complex is located. The board members also affirmed the release of lots located on Appaloosa Lane. The public hearing for a two-lot subdivision located off Snow Field Road proposed by Dennis Arsenault was continued until July 16.

The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Planning Board is scheduled for July 16 ay 7:00 pm in the town hall conference room.

Mattapoisett Planning Board

By Marilou Newell


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