Board Rescinds its Recall of Solar Bond

The Rochester Planning Board meant it on February 26 when it said it was done beating around the fallen bushes and voted to revoke the landscaping surety for incomplete work at the solar farm on Snipatuit Road. Exactly one month later on March 26, the board took that vote and rescinded it, satisfied that solar developer IGS Solar finally rebuilt a fallen portion of the perimeter fence and is replanting a number of trees and shrubs that fell during a recent windstorm.

            The fence, Town Planner Steve Starrett said, was repaired “as well as, I suppose, that it could,” but the trees and some further cleanup is still underway. “But they should be able to do that soon,” said Starrett, mentioning specifically seven trees that the board ordered must be straightened or replaced by May 1.

            “That should give them enough time,” said Planning Board Chairman Arnie Johnson.

            The vote to rescind was unanimous.

            Earlier in the meeting, the two top agenda items were both immediately set aside with requests from both applicants for continuances, so the board issued its decision of approval for the day care renovation project at 15 Cranberry Highway.

            Johnson called the vote to approve “a fun thing we do every so often,” and confirmed that there were only two minor changes made to the plan since the last meeting, which the board requested.

            “Congratulations,” Johnson said to the applicant. “Good luck over there.”

            Now follows a 20-day appeal period, after which time construction on the new day care facility can commence.

            The Site Plan Review for Sophia Darras, represented by Attorney Patricia McArdle, for drainage system upgrades at 565 Rounseville Road (Plumb Corner) was continued until April 9. McArdle was unable to submit an application for the Groundwater Protection District special permit in time to duly advertise for the hearing before the Tuesday meeting.

            The Special Permit hearing for REpurpose Properties for a 22-duplex age-restricted residential development beside Plumb Corner was also continued until April 23, as it has been running in tandem with Darras’ application and therefore cannot move forward.

            The next meeting of the Rochester Planning Board is scheduled for April 9 at 7:00 pm at the Rochester Town Hall.

Rochester Planning Board

By Jean Perry

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