Board Discusses Snow Subdivision Project Sans Shouting

            Mattapoisett Planning Board Chairman Tom Tucker promised engineer Rich Rheaume on July 1 that this time he wouldn’t yell at him during this continuation of Scott Snow’s Form C Definitive Subdivision Plan public hearing and he followed through with that promise.

            Snow’s prior continued public hearings were unlike this one that was seemingly contention-free and short, lasting roughly only 20 minutes.

            All that was up for discussion this time were the easement drafts from Snow’s attorney, which Planning Board member Janice Robbins said needed more specific notation on what the easements were for rather than a general mention of the presence of an easement at various lots at Snow’s proposed subdivision at 6 and 8-8R Prospect Road.

            “These are not set up correctly and not one of the easements have a purpose,” said Robbins. “They just created an easement … but it doesn’t describe the purpose.”

            Robbins pointed out that the language locates easements on lot titles but does not describe the nature of the easements, which she said is necessary.

            “It should describe the purpose because it’s not for any other purpose,” Robbins said, adding that she doubted the attorney correctly understood the ownership of the lots and thought Snow would be acquiring Lots 1-5.

            Rheaume said he would seek to reconcile the correct grantor of the easements and purposes of the easements, and the board agreed that prior issues with the plan and the requested waivers have been resolved. However, the board was not comfortable accommodating Rheaume’s request that the board approve a schedule for the releasing of the lots that night.

            “When the time comes, [Snow] will come before the board and say [he would] like to release this lot and we’ll know what the status of the project completion is,” said Robbins.

            The board continued the hearing until July 15 pending the return of the corrections to the easements and the homeowners’ association agreement.

            Immediately after, Tucker requested a brief recess to speak privately with Snow outside the Town Hall and was back 30 seconds later.

            The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Planning Board is scheduled for July 15 at 7:00 pm at the Mattapoisett Town Hall.

Mattapoisett Planning Board

By Jean Perry

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