Beach Associations’ Missteps Addressed

            The Mattapoisett Conservation Commission members caught a bit of a summer break when several continued hearings were once again continued, truncating the public portion of their July 26 agenda to a brief 15 minutes. But during that short time, the commissioners did handle serious breaches of unpermitted activities on two private beach associations.

            First up and first to be issued: an Enforcement Order against the Pease’s Point Improvement Association. Chairman Mike King said the Conservation Office had received multiple complaints regarding the placement of “spoils” (such as organic materials removed or dredged from beach areas) along the ridge of a barrier beach.

            King said that, while the association did in fact have a cleaning permit into perpetuity, it did not have a permit to dredge, to use rubber-tired equipment on the beach, or to place spoils in a dumping fashion anywhere in the jurisdictional area.

            King said the 2011 permit ordered the association to notify the office whenever permitted activities were scheduled to take place. The commission received no such notice in this case, but King had subsequent conversation with association members and found them apologetic and “ready to do the right things.”

            It was also noted that the permanent placement of a DEP marker had not been installed as required by the 2011 permit. King ordered that an Enforcement Order be sent to the association, which would include language ordering them to leave the spoils in place for now but not to add any further materials.

            The Brandt Beach Association was also found in violation to wetlands regulations when it was reported to the Conservation Office that “truckloads of sand” were dumped on their private beach, King said. He said the Conservation Office had received many calls and emails alerting the commission of the activity.

            The association’s beach nourishment activities were never permitted, King said, and he requested that an Enforcement Order be issued requesting the association to come before the commission to explain its actions and file appropriate paperwork.

            Continued to an unspecified date was a Notice of Intent filed by Alexander Bauer, 7 Nashawena Road, for the reconstruction of an existing dwelling; an NOI filed Randall Lane Solar, LLC, 29 Randall Lane, for the construction of a solar array; and a Certificate of Compliance requested by The Preserve at Bay Club for lots 122 and 123 on Split Rock Lane.

            The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission is scheduled for Monday, August 9, at 6:30 pm.

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