ANR Submission Requirements Discussed

At a regular meeting of the Rochester Planning Board on January 24, 2012, Town Planner John Charbonneau reviewed the Approval Not Required (ANR) plan submission requirements.         These requirements apply to plans that would be submitted to the board that are believed to not need approval from the planning board for a permit to be issued. Ben Bailey stated that he felt the topographic mapping requirement was excessive. The requirements call for mapping of any slopes over 15 percent, as well as major trees, and scenic roads.

The board generally agreed that existing structures, rights of way, and waterways would require mapping – as well as slopes that impede access. However, the board voted to remove the mapping requirements for significant natural features, rock outcrops, drains, steep slopes, scenic roads, major trees, and guard rails.

The board also touched on the latest news regarding the Sperry/Skrutski parking issue. Chairman Arnie Johnson stated that Sperry Tents is no longer parking on the Skrutski property, but they have erected a tent there, which is allowed under the bylaws. Mr. Johnson said he had discussed the matter with Building Inspector James Buckles who said the tent did not need a building permit unless more than ten people occupied it. The Skrutski property hearing has been continued until February 23.

In other matters the board:

• Approved the minutes of the December 13, 2011 meeting and vouchers for office supplies and maps.

• Approved the FY 2013 budget. All departments were asked to level fund with no cost of living increase. Mr. Charbonneau stated that the FY 2013 budget would essentially be the same as the previous year.

• Proposed a bylaw amendment that would correct an error in the bylaws regarding signage in industrial zones. The board voted to bring the matter to the Selectmen for review.

• The Planning Board will be holding an open meeting on Monday, January 30 at 4:00 pm at the Police Department to review long range planning, the Village Center Overlay District, agricultural distribution and comprehensive land use.

By Paul Lopes

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