Amendments Approved for Historic Inn

            Nils Johnson, owner/operator of the Inn at Shipyard Park, 13 Water Street, has been repairing and renovating the front façade and porch of the historic inn. Work has been ongoing through the winter until issues recently arose when it was discovered that water and gas lines would need to be slightly relocated to meet the building permit.

            On March 16, Johnson came before the ZBA to request amendments to the Special Permit he was granted for the porch reconstruction. He explained that once the old porch was removed, it became apparent that to build out the porch and meet code for the placement of the utilities, he needed to add approximately 8 inches beyond the filed plan of record. Johnson also said that the pitch of the first-floor roof needed to be modified to conform uniformly with the second-floor pitch and egress structures for the second floor. “It will be a vast improvement over what was there,” he asserted.

            Johnson said in a follow-up that the goal is to have a structure that is visually appealing as well as safe. The board members agreed. Chairman Sue Akin commented that once finished, the building would look nice. “I think it’s great,” said member Ken Pacheco. Member Colby Rottler stated, “This way it won’t look patchy, and it’ll be good for another 200 years.”

            Amendments were unanimously approved.

            Also coming before the ZBA was Steven Kelleher for Mary Kelleher, 0 Fairhaven Road, for a Variance to construct a new, single-family home on a deeded lot. Representative David Davignon of Schneider, Davignon & Leone Inc., detailed that the lot is currently zoned “general business,” thus the Variance request. He went on to say the lot measures 100×75 feet and would be a two-story, three-bed structure.

            Davignon said the lot would not meet current zoning setbacks but had become a deeded, buildable lot in 1963. He said lot coverage would be a mere 22.2 percent and does not require Conservation Commission review as it was non-jurisdictional. The Variance was unanimously approved.

            Also approved was a Special Permit for 4 Grove Avenue owned by Kenneth and Elizabeth Ackerman for the construction of a garage with a second-story, living unit. Also represented by Davignon he told the board that the garage was planned to be 28×34 feet, 952 square feet, with a single-bed living space on the second floor. The structure will reach a height of 23 feet and have lot coverage of only 3.67%. The Special Permit was unanimously approved.

            The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Zoning Board of Appeals is planned for Thursday, April 13, at 6:00 pm.

Mattapoisett Zoning Board of Appeals

By Marilou Newell

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