Addition Approved For Ailing Patriarch

For one family, the April 18 meeting of the Mattapoisett Zoning Board of Appeals was like a Christmas morning, waking up to find you received what you had been dreaming of.

Representing the 6R North Street Nominee Trust, Thomas Dugan, was Doug Schneider of N. Douglas Schneider & Associates, Inc. as they sought a Special Permit to build a small single-story addition to create a first-floor master bedroom suite to an existing home.

Previously the project had been described to the Conservation Commission as necessary in allowing the property owner to remain at home as health issues made accessing bedrooms and the only bathroom in the home on the second floor impossible. By creating a first floor suite, Dugan could remain in the home.

Schneider said the addition would be constructed on the north side of the existing dwelling with a 22-foot setback.

Representing several abutters whose property is located along Captain’s Lane was Attorney Peter Paul.

He identified his client as Vera Gibbons who he said extended her welcome to the returning family while sharing that the Gibbons wanted to be good neighbors and “…Are in favor of the project.” However, the issue of a drainage ditch came up again as it had during the Conservation Commission hearing the previous month.

Paul asked for assurances that the construction as proposed would not negatively impact the drainage along Captain’s Lane and that the Dugan family would maintain the ditch in good operating condition.

Schneider said construction did not include changes to the topography of the property, no grading was planned, and that Dugan had agreed to maintain the drainage ditch.

“Doug’s word is as good as gold,” Paul said, but he did ask that the ditch maintenance be memorialized in any decision made by the board.

Coming forward to speak in favor of the project was Daniel Briggs of 3 North Street who said historic drainage issues plagued the area, but that he didn’t see a problem with the project.

The project was approved with the drainage maintenance condition.

Also coming before the board was Carlton Veeder Construction for his client Robert Trudeau, 34 River Road, for the construction of a small 4-foot by 6-foot bump out to allow for a washing machine and dryer. The Special Permit was approved.

Finally, also seeking a Special Permit was Andrew Perkins for property owned by Byron Crampton, 10 Union Avenue. Perkins has been hired by the owners to construct a cantilevered deck addition to an existing home on stilts. He said the 4-foot addition would allow the family space to enjoy the home’s views. The request was approved as proposed.

The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Zoning Board of Appeals is scheduled for May 17 at 6:00 pm at the Town Hall.

Mattapoisett Zoning Board of Appeals

By Marilou Newell


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