Thoughts to Ponder

Be kind to one another.

The other person may be hurting.

Be patient with one another.

For none of us is perfect.

Be encouraging to one another.

It may be just what someone else needs to hear.

Be generous to one another.

With no thought of anything in return.

Be honest with one another.

And with yourself.

Be virtuous with one another.

And you’ll not have regrets.

Be understanding with one another.

And it will bring you closer.

Be cheerful with one another.

And it will start your day off right.

End each day knowing you did the best you could.

Be loving with one another.

For that is the Secret of Life.

            Editor’s Note: Hope Bradley Finley is a 95-year-old Mattapoisett resident who, despite the loss of eyesight and hearing, has continued in her pastime of writing poems and essays. The Wanderer is happy to share them with our readers.

The Poet’s Corner

By Hope Bradley Finley

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