Sippican Historical Society

In 1998, the Sippican Historical Society commissioned an architectural survey of Marion’s historic homes and buildings. The survey was funded half by the Sippican Historical Society and half by the Massachusetts Historical Commission. Due to the limits of funding, not all of the historic buildings were surveyed, but over 100 were cataloged and photographed. The results of the survey are in digital form on the Massachusetts Historical Commission’s website and in four binders in the Sippican Historical Society’s office (and at the Marion Town Clerk’s office).

            Marion (Old Rochester) is one of the oldest towns in the United States, and the Sippican Historical Society maintains an extensive collection of documentation on its historic buildings. The Sippican Historical Society will feature one building a week so that the residents of Marion can understand more about its unique historical architecture.

            This installment features 294 Wareham Road. Built between 1855 and 1879, the Greek Revival cottage at 294 Wareham Road was built as a retirement home for Captain Hale. After the whaling industry faded away due to competition from the 1859 discovery of oil in Pennsylvania, a number of those captains retired to Marion. Captain Hale was listed here in 1879, and his widow, Mrs. B.C. Hale, is listed as this house’s owner by the early 1900s. No Hales are listed here in later directories.

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