Seven Town Trees Were Planted Today

Seven Town trees were planted today

Two Maples   a London Plane   a Linden

a Sweet Gum   a Tupelo

a Hornbeam

Replacing trees many decades old

Planted by people just like us

Never to see them fully grown

Seven more trees to grow and grow

Seven this fall, five in the spring

Will they still stand when wild storms

come to tear at their roots and limbs?

Will they fight off new breeds of insects?

Each will stand tall to clean the air.

Each will hold the soil from blowing away.

Each will cradle numerous nursery nests.

Each will shade our great, great grandchildren.

There is something joyful about planting trees

knowingly gifting to those not yet born

Seven young trees were planted today

a London Plane  a Linden  a Hornbeam

a Sweet Gum  a Tupelo

And two Maples

A poem by Ann Briggs

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